Costume Contest

CoreCon’s Costume Contest is one of the highly attended events at the convention.
CoreCon’s Costume Contest will be held on Saturday,

Register on-line for so you guarantee not only an opportunity to have your workmanship judged, but to also up your presents on stage with a song (no more than 30 seconds in length). There will be registration available at the Convention but you may not be able to have a song to accompany, nor have your workmanship judged. Plus we are limiting the Costume Contest to 40 entrants. Line-up is based on the saying early bird gets the most free time. The earlier you sign up the more free time you will have between dress
rehearsal and final line-up.

Judging will be completed on Saturday Morning, by appointment only. There is limited availability to have workmanship judged. For judging you should not be in costume, but bring your costume and all your
props. This allows the judges to really see how you put the costume and props together. Be prepared to answer questions about not only your costume but what problems you ran into and how you solved them.

We will have a FULL dress rehearsal walk through. Yes, you will need to show up in FULL costume. This will give a more relaxed atmosphere for the judges and you to have more interaction and most of the judging will be completed at this time. The judges may ask you questions specific to your costume or Cosplay. Any skit, dance, acting, etc, you will want to do at this time for the judges to weigh into your score. This is just as much for our Emcees and technical team to make sure they introduce you correctly and things are not forgotten. Please keep in mind, these are volunteers and respect you for your desire to be on stage. Please, show them the same level of respect. After you have your time on stage, you are free to mingle or update your make-up before the big reveal.

The final line up will be promptly at 6:30p. If you are not lined up and in place by 6:40pm you will be disqualified from the Costume Contest, and any prizes you may have been awarded. We need this critical time to go over any last minute information and do not have time to repeat anything.

Please take a moment to read through the guidelines and rules. In the past years we have continued to surprise the audience and judges with amazing costumes, amazing craftsmanship and wonderful acting. I am very proud that I have not been surprised once by any contestant. Want to propose marriage or make a huge annoucement, let me know. I have proven I can keep the secret safe!

Thank you ahead of time for making the event a great family friendly affair.

Awards, no I haven’t forgotten. There may be awards given to the top Novice, Journeyman, Maste, Cosplay, Best of Theme, Fan Favorite, Workmanship, and Best in Show. Young fan is missing, Kids are getting their very own Masquerade.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have. I look forward to another AMAZING year Cassondra (Cassy) Felton-Tufty, Contest Coordinator.

Important Dates and Times
Monday, – last day for online Costume Contest registration
Thursday,- Limited availability to sign up at Con
Friday- Limited availability to sign up at Con
Saturday – Limited availability to sign up at Con if the limit has not been met
Saturday – 4:30pm- Line up and Judging (must attend)
Saturday – 6:30pm- Final line up (must attend)

Walk Around Costume Contest
Some costumers have so many amazing costumes that they cannot wear them all to one event, or just do not want participate in the Costume Contest at all. The Walk Around Costume Contest still allows for great costumes to be recognized and rewarded.

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