Anime Center

CoreCon and Anime Fargo have teamed up to bring you the Anime Center!

The Anime Center is a prolific venue for all things anime. We will be showing anime of different styles and titles throughout the convention, as well as offering anime panels to help educate people on the many styles and titles. The Anime Center also hosts a variety of activities all throughout CoreCon including Cosplay Café. Only $10 for a delicious meal inspired by anime, served by people in cosplay? Sounds great!

Questions or suggestions for the Anime Center?
Contact the Anime Maven

Cosplaying Tips:

Look at thrift stores for bits and pieces you can re-purpose into props or costume pieces. It really helps, since I have no time to actually to sew my own costume!. Shopping at thrift stores helps me get pieces I would normally would have to make myself. You may find that hardware stores may also have some interesting pieces. A simple example is copper tubing to use for inner support. It’s lightweight and easy to mold. Automotive section: I have found Bondo there that works just as well as craft Bondo and has achieved the same results. If you’re not sure on how to do something, YouTube has multiple how-to videos that have helped me to get ideas in the past. Look for tutorials on how to do certain makeups or how to make a mold. Always read the directions on your building supplies, and heed any warnings on the labels. Remember: safety first. Always work in clothes that you don’t mind if they get dirty or ruined, because building and painting will make a mess. You don’t want to be wearing a nice blouse and it get ruined by your cosplay costume! Don’t be afraid to use something that isn’t traditional. Also don’t be afraid and ask for someone else’s opinion. The point of cosplay is to make a true interruption of the character, but nothing is worse than when no one recognizes you because something went wrong in building phase. Make sure to give yourself enough time to complete a costume. Working on it in your hotel room minutes before the convention or contest is just no fun!

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