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Why didn’t my favorite Fansuite come back?

Fansuites are just that. Suites run by fans. It’s not up to CoreCon to determine who returns, it’s up to the suites themselves.

What’s the difference between a Fansuite and a Consuite?

Fansuites are run by congoers, where as Consuites are run by CoreCon. Most of the suites surrounding the pool area are Fansuites. Anime Center, the food room, and Kids Con-Nection are examples of Consuites.

I’m interested in hosting a Fansuite. What can I expect the cost to be?

Well, first you have to factor in the actual cost of the room(s) itself. We pay for one night, but you pay for the other two. Above and beyond that, there is the cost of decorating your room, food and drinks you will serve, any permissions you might need to show specific films, and miscellaneous other expenses. People have been known to spend a couple ofhundred dollars on some of our great Fansuites in the past. That being said, some fantastic Fansuites come fairly cheap with some great ideas!

How do I get in touch with the Fansuite Coordinator during con?

The Fansuite Coordinator will leave each Fansuite with a contact number. If, for some reason you’ve misplaced it, look for someone wearing a staff badge to wander through your Fansuite. They’ll be able to get you connected.

I have an idea for a Fansuite. Wanna hear it?

Sure. Why not? However, we have no say in what Fansuites get done and which ones don’t. If you really want to see it happen, find people to DO it!

Do Fansuites have alcohol?

Some do, some don’t. We don’t have any control over their choice to serve, but we are diligent that they must card people to serve them.

Why do some Fansuites have tip jars?

Running a Fansuite can be a very expensive proposition. The tip jar is generally a free-will offering to help them cover the costs. It rarely (if ever) actually covers it, but every little bit helps. Fansuites may also opt to donate their tips to charity.

Do I have to pay for food or drinks in Fansuites?

Generally, no. Fansuites are instructed to have free food and drinks for congoers. They do pay for it all out of their own pockets, however. If you’re feeling generous, please drop a donation in each room’s tip jar…they always appreciate it! That said, there are some exceptions. Certain Fansuites have cleared it with us beforehand to sell certain items.

Why do Fansuites have allergy labels?

Some people have severe allergies. Better safe than sorry…

Are there guidelines for hanging signs in the halls?

We ask that you hang your own signs with blue painter’s tape. We know it costs a tad bit more, but it doesn’t damage the walls like other tape! We ask that your item not contain nudity or profanity. Please don’t cover up existing signage. There is plenty of wall space to go around!

How come the Fansuites get the poolside rooms? I wanted one.

We have set up the pool area as sort of a ‘commons’ area, and it only makes sense to have the Fansuites surrounding that. We may have a few poolside rooms available after assigning Fansuites – if you’ve indicated with your hotel room registration that you want one, we just might be able to accommodate that. But no promises!


How do I sign up to do a panel?

You can sign up at the website here: Panel Registration. Or

I have a suggestion for a panel!

Cool! Send it to We’ll see what we can do about bringing it to you. If you happen to know someone who wants to lead it, even better!

What is available for AV options?

Wireless or corded microphones. Most anything can be hooked up for sound or video (Mac users – bring your own adaptor). If you need something else, ask and we just might have it.

What are the important dates and deadlines?


Do panelists need to be registered congoers?

Usually, yes. We do occasionally make an exception, but then they come for their panel and leave immediately after.

As a panelist, where do I go when I get to the convention?

Go to registration (through the east entrance) and tell them you’re a panelist. They’ll get you connected with the right person. If you are a congoer (thus more familiar with the schedule and rooms) you can just go to the room you are assigned at least 10 minutes before your panel is due to start.

How do I contact the Panels Coordinator during con?

Find anyone wearing a Staff badge and ask them to help. You can also hit up the registration or info desk. We’ll get you connected.

What is the expected attendance for a panel?

It’s tough to say. Some panels have a handful of attendees, some are standing room only. We try our best to coordinate the schedule to please as many people as possible, but it often depends on many factors that are completely out of our control.

Vendors & Merchandise

What hours are the Vendor room open?


As a vendor, what time can I get in to start setting up my table?


What are the important dates and deadlines?

Registration ends: March 1, 2015

Confirmation email: March 31, 2015

Contract/fees deadline: April 15, 2015

Vendor description due for Program Guide: April 15, 2015

Where is my favorite vendor from last year?

There are a number of reasons that a vendor may not return. They have some sort of personal conflict and didn’t apply. We squeeze in as many vendors as we can, while trying to bring you the most variety possible. If there’s a specific vendor you really want to see back next year, let our Vendor Liason know ( we’ll see what we can do.

I am a vendor who applied. Am I guaranteed a space?

No. We try to accommodate as many vendors as possible, but we do have some space restraints. We will let you know by March 31st if you have a spot.

How much does a vendor table cost? Does it include my badge cost?

Each 10×6 space is $55. This price includes two badges, to allow you to bring a helper to utilize as you wish. We strongly suggest that you have them do ‘shifts’ at your booth so you can grab breaks as you need to… and check out CoreCon!

I’m not officially registered for CoreCon. I can still go to the Vendor Room, right?

Nope. The CoreCon Vendor Room is part of what makes it great to be a badge holder. You can purchase your very own badge online, at many events all year long, or at the door.

I’m a vendor in need of assistance at the con. What do I do?

Look in your packet! The one you got from registration. That has a card inside with contact info for the Vendor Liaison. If you can’t find it, grab the attention of a Staff member you see walking through the vendor room. We’ll do our best to help!

What do you mean by ‘need electricity’? I mean, we ALL do, don’t we, with phone charging and such?

Yes. And honestly, we try to extend the electricity the very best we can, so that everyone has access. The reason we ask is that some vendors require electricity for their booth to operate. So really, we mean ,”Do you NEED electricity?”

What kind of merch do you offer?

We offer a pre-reg CoreCon t-shirt (available as a pre-order before con), a CoreCon t-shirt exclusive to congoers, mugs, and pins (available at the convention), as well as a number of items available year-round at our Etsy shop.

I think it’d be SUPER cool to have a CoreCon _________! How can I get one?

You know, we are always looking for cool things to slap our logo on. If you have a suggestion, Maybe we’ll make it!

Can I get things AFTER the convention?

Exclusive things are just that. Exclusive. Any leftovers we have are given away as prizes at various events or offered for reduced prices at the following year’s CoreCon. Check out our Etsy site all year for cool CoreCon merch, as well as original art by some of our Inner Core members!

How does CoreCon choose which businesses to involve in CoreCon events and vending spaces? Are you playing favorites?

We approach and are approached by many different vendors. Some vendors choose to be more involved than others. It is purely up to them (and time and space requirements) as to how willing they are to participate.


How long until I can expect a response?

Ideally, within a week. However, keep in mind that we are all volunteers who have our own busy lives to lead. If two weeks have passed without a response,, and we’ll make sure the right person contacts you ASAP.

What if I don’t know who to contact?

Send your email here: We’ll get it in to the right hands.

I applied for a vendor space / Artist Alley / Fansuite / panel / hotel room. Where is my confirmation?

Coming. Things you fill out an online form for have a little different system. Most of them have deadlines and such. See the FAQ in your area of interest for a more detailed answer.


Can anyone play?

Absolutely! We do have some tournaments and such that you need to sign up for, but there are open gaming tables all weekend long, as well as a collection of games you’re welcome to use in the Gaming Crypt.

I don’t know how to play. Will I be lost?

Stop in the Gaming Crypt and locate the main desk within. The person there will be able to set you up with a game (and players) that will ‘ease you into the gaming world.

Are there time/people limits?

As far as player counts, you are limited by the confines of the game you are playing. We don’t have time limits, but if we are turning away players and your group is wrapping up a game, we may ask (politely) if you’d be willing to take a break and allow for a new game to move in.


How do I volunteer?

Before the con, fill out the Volunteer Sign-Up sheet here:Volunteer Sign UpAt con, stop at the registration desk and tell them you’d like to volunteer. They’ll get you in touch with the right person.

I’m not physically capable of moving things. Can I still help?

Absolutely! We have jobs for everyone.

Why do people keep calling us ‘Minions’?

That’s our pet name for volunteers. It’s absolutely a term of endearment. We LOVE our volunteers and could not possibly do this without them.

How many hours do I have to put in?

As many or as few as you would like. We don’t want to infringe on your CoreCon experience.

Is there a party for volunteers?

Of course! We have a pizza party (with prizes) on the last day of con, after the rooms are all reassembled and closing ceremonies is but a memory. Then we play games until we can’t keep our eyes open anymore.

Do I get in for free if I volunteer?

Afraid not. Members of the Inner Core pay for their badges, too. The only way to get in free is to win a badge at some event during the year or to receive one as a gift.

What perks do volunteers get?

Food, parties, prizes…and our undying thanks.


What is the anticipated attendance this year?

For CoreCon VI, we had over 1000 attendees! We anticipate this year to be right around that…maybe even more!

What does ‘non-profit’ mean when it comes to CoreCon?

It basically means that we don’t personally make any money from CoreCon. The people who run this con are all volunteers. The money raised from this year goes to pay for next year, as well as a contribution to our chosen charity for the year.

What makes CoreCon so special?

One of the most common comments we hear is that CoreCon is like the small town of cons. That we have built a very friendly, happy, safe place for us and our fellow geeks to be ourselves. That is completely planned. We always want CoreCon to feel homey.

The Inner Core’s motto is ‘made by the fans, run by the fans, for the fans’. We hold true to that as much as we possibly can. Our best tool to achieve that is YOU! We listen to your feedback. Every survey comment, feedback email, and facebook message gets read. Many get discussed – actually, many get utilized.

None of us get paid to do this. In fact, we all pay for everything just like you do. We pay for our merchandise, badges, hotel rooms etc.

Is there alcohol at CoreCon?

Quite simply, yes.Some of the Fansuites choose to serve alcohol and some choose to bring their own. If you choose to partake, you will be carded – have your ID on you. You must be 21 to get a drink at CoreCon.

Why does CoreCon have a charity every year?

Giving back to the FM community is very important to us. We like to find a local charity to support and bring awareness to every year.

Who is the Inner Core?

The Inner Core consists of around 30 volunteers who all work together to make CoreCon happen. They handle most aspects of CoreCon, from social media  to graphics. We are always looking to expand our ranks – to learn more email

Badge Etiquette

Your badge must be displayed at all times during con. Wear it proudly and don’t lose it!!!

Your badge is YOUR badge. You can’t share it, you can’t split it with someone. If you’re caught doing so, we take your badge away and you’re done attending CoreCon. It’s just not worth it. Make your friend buy one!

Why does CoreCon have security?

Security is a preventative measure. We’d love to be in a world that doesn’t require such things, but that’s just not reality. Security is not there to ‘bust’ anyone, but to keep the peace. Our security folks are also a great source to guide you around the con. Ask them where to find con attractions or how to contact staff members. They’d be happy to help!

How do I get ahold of Security?

You can stop by registration or flag down any staff member you see. They’ll get you in touch with Security immediately.

What is peace bonding? Do I have to do it?

Any weapon at CoreCon needs to be checked in with our Security team. They will then attach something to your weapon to confirm that it is not an ACTUAL weapon. And yes, all weapons must be peace bonded. If you’re carrying one that isn’t, we’d be happy to lead you to Security so you can get that taken care of.


Does CoreCon allow adult artwork in to the art show?

Yes, but we ask that it not be gratuitous or explicit in nature.

Can I sell my item in the art show? Do I have to?

You absolutely can, but don’t have to. This is completely up to the artist’s discretion.

Do I need to be a registered attendee to participate in the art show?

You do not. However, if we have an overabundance of art and have to make choices, we will choose to include items from congoers first.

Where do I drop off my art to be displayed at CoreCon?

Just bring it with you to CoreCon! If you’d like to drop it off early, feel free to contact the Art Show Coordinator and make arrangements…we can most likely work something out!

What happens to my piece if it doesn’t sell?

Simple. You come pick it up from the art show on Sunday before the art room closes and take it home with you.

How do I contact the Art Coordinator?

Prior to con, the best way is via email – At con, ask at the info desk located next to the registration desk.

How do I receive payment for my sold art piece?


How do I reclaim my art piece that didn’t sell or wasn’t for sale?

Go to the art room on Sunday, June 14th before 2pm. Further info TBA.


Where is the food room?

In the Fansuite area, directly right of the east entrance. Room 170.

How much does it cost?

We have specifically set our prices to make this an affordable dining option for all congoers. And if the low prices we’ve set are too high for you, there are free food options available.

Is there a place to sit?

Absolutely. In the pool area, there are a bunch of tables for you to sit and enjoy your meal.

What’s on the menu?

It changes throughout the weekend. We have rice and chili available all the time.

I have allergies. Does the food room have food for me?

Well, that depends on your allergy. We have made an effort to avoid many common allergens, but we can’t really do that for everything.

Is there any free food at CoreCon?

Yes. Every Fansuite has food of some sort or another, and the food room has a couple of free options.

I want to eat in the restaurant at the Baymont. What are the hours/prices?


What other food options are nearby?

So many.There are quite a few places in easy walking distance, the closest being the hotel restaurant, of course. There’s also Sickie’s Garage, Chuck E. Cheese, Perkins, Green Mill, Erbert & Gerbert’s, Romo’s and Dickie’s within a block.


Who are the guests?

Honestly, we don’t know yet. While we are working on acquiring guests year-round, not many guests are not able to give us confirmations too far in advance. We lock ‘em down as soon as we can!

I have a suggestion. Who do I tell?

You can send suggestions We read them all and research many.

I have a connection! NOW who do I tell?

Still tell, but we ask that you please not mention it to the potential guest themselves. We don’t want any confusion to arise should we decide to go with someone else.

How are the guests chosen?

Many factors go in to this decision. We try to get a variety, so we have an author, an artist, etc.

Why can’t you tell me who they are yet?

Honestly, because we don’t know who they are yet. We have people in mind and have contacted people, but many of our potential guests can’t commit too far in advance.


How do I get a room at the Baymont Inn & Suites?

Sign up here: ____________________. We will take in to account all of your preferences and assign rooms. We’ll send you an email a month before con, and you then call the hotel to confirm and put down your credit card information with them. Don’t try to reserve directly with the hotel, you NEED to sign up on our page or you will not get a room!

What are ‘overflow hotels’?

We have more interested congoers than we have rooms at the Baymont Inn & Suites. We have secured a block of rooms at a couple of nearby hotels for the same rate. Reserve on the website early to ensure a room at the Baymont!

Can I just call the Baymont and reserve a room myself?

Nope. We assign rooms on our end, then give a list to the hotel. This ensures that everyone gets their requests heard.

Can I request a specific room?

Sure. We’ll do our best to get you that room, too – but sometimes con-related events are taking up rooms you might request.

Do I have to stay all three nights?

You don’t HAVE to, but preferential treatment is given to those who commit to all three days. The hotel gives us tremendously great rates on not only the rooms, but the convention space as well – based upon the fact that we will fill the entire hotel with guests for 3 nights. Those who only want 2 nights may end up at the overflow hotels across the street.

Are there smoking rooms available?

Nope. North Dakota state law. Smoke outside…20 feet away from doors. Don’t forget the Smoker’s Tent – it’s a great way to still be AT con while feeding your addiction!

How much does it cost?

Hotel rates for CoreCon are $89 per night for regular rooms, $150 per night for suites.

I’ve heard we have ‘the whole hotel’, but the restaurant has a bunch of muggles in it. What’s with that?

Well, the Baymont is still a business. The restaurant and bar are still open to the public and the third floor is reserved by another party year round. That’s just the way it goes.


What are the stage dimensions?


Why do I have to submit audio and/or visual stuff? Wait. Do I have to at all?

You absolutely don’t have to, but you may if you wish. It’s about your presentation. If you want to have your own theme music or screenshot to represent your costume, you have to provide it for us. This option is ONLY available if you pre-reg for the contest.

Do I have to do an act or something on stage?

No. But the audience loves it when you do!

How do I enter?

You can pre-reg for the contest online here:_______________. This is especially useful if you want audio or visual stuff to accompany your costume. You can register AT con, but no A/V options are possible then.

Can I enter at the convention?

You can. Further info TBA

What are the prize categories?


Can I carry weapons as part of my costume?

Not real ones, obviously. But peace-bonded weapons are okay…even necessary with some costumes!


Why pre-reg?

Savings!!! The highest cost for a weekend pass is at the door. Register early for price breaks. Plus, that spreads out your con dollars a little more…which means you could have more $$ AT the con!

How can I pre-reg?

So glad you asked! You can register on the website here: __________. Also look for us at various events throughout the year selling registrations. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements of such things!

How can I pay for my registration?

Online, we accept major credit cards. At events and at the door, we accept major credit cards and cash.

How do I know that my registration went through?

You should receive an auto-confirmation from PayPal and from CoreCon. If you don’t receive them, please contactregistration@fargocorecon.orgso we can investigate!

Do I have to register separately for a hotel room?


Will the pre-reg t-shirt be available at the convention if I don’t order in advance?

Nope. The pre-reg shirt is available only to those who order it in advance and is different than the at-con shirt.

Can I get a refund?

Oh, no! We’re sad you can’t join us, but life happens to all of us sometimes. If you can’t attend CoreCon, contact registration@fargocorecon.orgto discuss refunds.

How much are day passes?

Day passes are only available at the door – $20 for just Thursday, $30 for just Friday, or $30 for Saturday/Sunday.

Where is the registration desk?

The reg desk is located through the east entrance to the hotel.

What is a badge name?

A badge name is an optional name to have printed on the back side of your badge. Many people use their online gaming handle or a nickname.

I lost my badge. Now what?

Head back to registration. We can look up your info and issue you a replacement badge.

Can I share a badge with my friend?

Afraid not. Your badge is for you alone. If you are caught sharing a badge, we reserve the right to remove you and your friend from CoreCon for the year – and you will lose the money you invested in the badge. Get your friend to purchase a badge instead…wouldn’t you rather experience con WITH them?

Do I need ID to pick up my pre-reg at the convention?

Yes. Exceptions will be made for those underage, but adults – have your ID!

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