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  3. Would a game of Axis and Allies be allowed or is it just usual stuff like 40k, DnD, Pathfinder etc?

    • “Hey Garrett! Great question, and a very simple answer. We love all kinds of different games and like to see variety in what is being run. So yes Axis and Allies is very much a cool thing to have there. I want to make sure that we represent all the different tastes and flavors if you will in the gaming community. Please fill out the form if you are willing to run it and we’ll find others who enjoy it also.

      -Jerad, Lead Engineer, Gaming Hazard Shelter.”

  4. I have purchased tickets to the Fargo CoreCon 2017 for myself and two teen grandkids. I now have a surgery scheduled for June 8th, Can I transfer my badge to their mom so they can still go?

    • Hi Cathy,
      My name is Sarah and I am the Soul Consul for CoreCon (one of the three heads). You can definitely transfer your badge to your mom. If you could send me the original badge name and if she would like it changed to soulconsul@fargocorecon.org I can get that changed for you. Good luck with your surgery!

  5. Thanks Sarah, I made the original order under Cathy ( or Catherine) Jensen, the badge would say Cathy, my email is cathjensen@hotmail.com. Please change badge name to Duchess, her email address is reznor_70@yahoo.com. I am so bummed. I was so looking forward to this. I will be there next year. Cathy

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    • “Well then, we always welcome fellow mages to grace the confines of the Gaming Central Hazard Shelter. We have not had anyone step forward to organize anything official but we normally do see several small groups break out over the weekend.

      Jerad, Lead Engineer, Gaming Central Hazard Shelter”

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  8. Kevin,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and being a [art of the Hogwart’s Teacher Lounge. Your Hagrid was perfect for us. Keep up the cosplay and have fun with it.

    aka Madam Pomfrey, brewer of the Butterbeer.

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