Costume Contest:

Novice: Rebekah Kveen as Zelda
Journeyman: Lucretia Sauck as Black Lily Sheep
Master: Catie Suda as Twisted Chica
Young Cosplay: Sydney Andersen as Tavros Nitram
Cosplay: Lee Von Rueden as Dragon Priest
Purchased/Upcycled: Jamie Macias as Captain Mollie Stone
Workmanship: Susanne Caro as Lady Baron of Child, Spark
Best in Theme: MJ Morrison as Zap the Cybermage
Best in Show: Ray Coda as Mecha-Kong
Fan Favorite: Katie Beierle as Hawkgirl
Snowmen “No Award”: Annabelle Lee as Sneaky Ninja

Walk Around Costume Contest:

Nathan as Graverobber from Repo The Genetic Opera


Overall VIP Volunteer: Jack Ragan with 301 points

Wednesday: Dustin Barry
Thursday: Sage Dill
Friday: Jack Ragan
Saturday: Jack Ragan
Sunday: Brenda Ruziska

Overall, there were more than 400 volunteer hours (not including the Inner Core) put into CoreCon 11!

Art Show Winners:

First Place: Monique Burgoz with “The Wolf”
Second Place: Jason Gould with “Starchild 1 & 2”
Third Place: Alex Decano with “WIP Demogorgon”

Fansuite Winners: 

First Place: The Tardis
Second Place: The Zoo
Third Place: The Mystery Shack

Rock Band Tournament: 

Best Band: Bell Pepper Cereal
Best Guitar Performance: Emily of PowerThirst!
Best Guitar Skill: Rachel of Bell Pepper Cereal
Best Bass Performance: Troy of Bell Pepper Cereal
Best Bass Skill: Mel of Murder of the Wicket
Best Drums Performance: Phil of It’s Only Cannibalism If You Swallow
Best Drums Skill: Alex of Night Howlers
Best Vocal Performance: Jerad Berhow of James Bondage
Best Vocal Skill: Mel of Bell Pepper Cereal

Spark Station Iron Pen Challenge Winner:

Jerad Berhow

Game Central CoreCon Champion:

First Place: Andrew Brickman
Second Place: Cody Gillaspey
Third Place: Madelyn Sandvik


Windjammers: Trenton C
Mortal Kombat 2: Tim Hagel
The King of Fighters ’98: Kevin Chasing Bear
Mario Kart: Double Dash: David “Big D” Hardesty
Puyo Puyo Tetris: Connor Peterson
Smash Bros Ultimate: Faye Seidler
Duck Hunt: Jennifer
Ms. Pac-Man: Scott McLawhorn