CoreCon’s electronic gaming portal consists of two large rooms packed with a variety of games ranging from classic titles like Pacman and Double Dragon to modern hits like Left 4 Dead and Super Smash Bros. Throughout the weekend, you can play any game of your choosing from our large library of games, participate in tournaments, or try to tackle some of our 8-Bit Bounties for instant prizes. We also have a room fully furnished and dedicated for Artemis crews.

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Tournaments 2024

High Score all weekend
Elemental Gearbolt – PS1
Mr.Do! – SNES
Track and Field – NES

6PM – Worms W.M.D. – PS4
8PM – Golden Eye – N64

11AM – Pokemon Stadium 2 – N64
1PM – Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 – PS4
3PM – Magical Drop – SNES
6PM – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Switch

11AM – Virtua Fighter 2 – Genesis
1PM – Kirby Air Ride – GameCube
3PM – Tetris Attack – SNES
6PM – Smash Bros Ultimate – Switch