Julie McElwainJulie McElwain is a national award-winning journalist. A MURDER IN TIME, her first novel in her genre-bending time-travel/mystery series, was a top 10 pick by the National Librarian Association, the mystery to read by OverDrive (serving more than 34,000 libraries around the world), a finalist in Goodreads’ readers’ choice awards in the Sci-fi category, Bustle magazine’s 9 Most Addictive Mystery series, and Town & Country magazine’s 35 best time travel books. A TWIST IN TIME, CAUGHT IN TIME, BETRAYAL IN TIME, and SHADOWS IN TIME round out her five book series. She was the West Coast editor for Soaps In Depth, a national soap opera magazine, and has written for numerous publications covering photography and fashion.
Theo of Theoretically Theo of Theoretically. Okay (he/they) is a Midwest-based cosplayer and artist who’s been active in the convention scene for over a decade. From a young age they’ve been crushing con culture: winning multiple cosplay awards, hosting panels, vending in the artist alley and mingling as an attendee – they’ve done it all! He’s come all the way from Austin, MN to share their knowledge and experience with textile (cosplay), performing (drag), and traditional (fan art, painting & more) art forms.

2023 Guests: 
Lar deSouza – Artist
Tim Hagel – Artist

Adam Ordahl Quesnell

2022 Guests: 
Toby Sterling — Film Producer
Michelle Roller — Comedian
Midwest Paranormal — Paranormal Investigators 

Brian Glur — Professional Cosplayer
Gage Gerardi — Professional Cosplayer
Peter Chiykowski — Author

Jonathan Brugh — Actor
Midwest Paranormal — Paranormal Investigators
Abra Staffin-Weibe — Author

Jennifer Cihi — Singer (Voice of singing Sailor Moon)
Stephanie DeLeo — Author
Adam Quesnell — Comedian
Paul St. Peter — Voice Actor

Jorge Guzman — Prop Memorabilia Collector
Aida Jacobs — Author
Christiana Cosplay — Professional Cosplayer

Bill Cochran — Artist
Renee Cochran — Artist
Paul St. Peter — Voice Actor
Terri Pray — Author

Voltaire — Musician
Christopher R. Mihm — Filmmaker

Anthony Montgomery — Actor
John Picacio — Artist
Lars Pearson — Author
Roy C. Booth — Author
Cynthia Booth — Author
Adam Quesnell — Comedian

Patricia Tallman — Actress
Joseph Scrimshaw — Comedian
Michael Merriam — Author
Terrance Brown II — Artist

S.M. Stirling — Author
Lovern Kindzierski — Comic Book Colorist
Michelle Bredeson — Author
Kevin Lenagh — Illustrator

Karen Sweetland — Artist
Toby Iverson — Film Producer
Rhiannon Paille — Author

Sue Dawe — Artist
Troy Sterling Nies — Composer
Voluntary Nightmare — Musical Group

Anita Burbeck — Artist
Chris N. Mahr — Author

For questions, contact guests@fargocorecon.org