2016 – On Ancient Seas Guests

Bill & Renee Cochran

photo by Neil Reinhold

photo by Neil Reinhold

Paul St. Peter


Terri Pray

What does CoreCon look for in a special guest? A guest can be an author, artist, actor, musician, comedian, or a combination. They are someone we have carefully selected to share their talents with us; be it through their panels, where they speak about themselves, and their experiences or areas of expertise, or through a special performance. Normally our guests will have a table set up as well, to sell their wares and greet fans. While we would love to have our guests stay with us the duration of CoreCon, they often have other obligations or commitments that limit their time with us. They may be involved in other projects, or perhaps they are booked at other shows as well, and need at least a day or two to rest, see family, and just catch their breath! If you are not familiar with a particular CoreCon guest- that’s fine! Many of our guests procure new fans during their panel or performance. If you have any questions about the guests- feel free to ask the guest liaison, or any member of the Inner Core. We are thrilled that you’re interested! If you have an idea for a guest, email We are open to suggestions, but keep in mind due to CoreCon being a volunteer-run organization; we have a set budget, and must consider several things when booking a guest. For example, a “media” guest, someone that is known by name and in the public eye, often requires an attendance fee. This would be in addition to travel, companions such as assistants or family, and a “rider” which states specific needs of the guest, be it equipment, room specifications ,or perhaps a dietary request. If you have feedback about our guests- let us know! It is through that feedback that we learn which guests are of particular interest to our attendees.

Previous CoreCon Guests

2015 – A Touch of Evil

Aurelio Voltaire – Musician / Christopher R. Mihm – Writer/Director

2014 – Echoes of the Future

Anthony Montgomery – Actor / John Picacio – Artist / Lars Pearson – Publisher / Roy C. Booth – Author / Cynthia Booth – Artist / Adam Quesnell – Comedian

2013 – Into The Cosmos

Patricia Tallman – Actress | Joseph Scrimshaw – Comedian | Michael Merriam – Author | Terance Brown II – Artist

2012 – Apocalypse!

S.M. Stirling – Author | Lovern Kindzierski – Artist | Michelle Bredeson – Author | Kevin Lenagh – Artist | Kamikaze Snowmen – Musicians

2011 – Myth & Magic

Karen Sweetland – Artist | Toby Iverson – Film Maker | Rhiannon Paille – Psychic | BingeBot – Musicians

2010 – Zombies!

Sue Dawe – Artist | Tina Holland – Author | Troy Sterling Nies – Film Score Composer | Voluntary Nightmare – Musicians

2009 – Heroes & Villians

Anita Burbeck – Artist | Chris N. Mahr – Author

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