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2021 404: Con Not Found Guests (drum roll please):

If you like “wowing!” over how cosplayer’s make the props they use in their cosplays, then you won’t want to miss Brian Glur of Power Up Props! Brian is another one of our guests for CoreCon 2021 #virtualcon this year and we can’t stop playing his TikTok video’s! Especially the ones of his Shiba-Inu, Zuko! We, see what you did there….Luring us in with the cutest dogg-o we’ve ever seen! πŸΆπŸ˜‰ Well, it worked! πŸ‘ And now we’re hooked! πŸ™ƒBrian got his start in prop making in 2010 and started using 3D printing the following year. He’s spent thousands of hours printing cosplay pieces and uses other various methods to handcraft some truly AMAZING props that add to stunning cosplays! Check out these links to learn more about Brian and Power Up Props! We can’t wait to see the panels he’s hosting and learn more about his creative process!Instagram:

Let’s welcome another one of our guests for CoreCon 2021, Gage Gerardi also known as Semetary Cosplay! Semetary Cosplay has been cosplaying since 2006 and has handmade over 250 cosplays! There’s no doubting that a LOT of hard work goes into that! 😯🎩🎭🎨 Semetary Cosplay has participated in many different fandoms including: Sci-Fi, anime, Disney and Broadway! As a representative of the LGBTQ+ and a trans cosplayer, Semetary Cosplay travels to cons fighting for equality! We are so excited to have them this year and we can’t wait to see the AMAZING cosplays that will be shared with us!Want to know more and view Semetary Cosplay’s incredible work? Check out the links below!

Guest spotlight! πŸ“£πŸŽ¬πŸ€©Meet Peter Chiykowski! He’s the creator behind the award winning webcomic “Rock Paper Cynic”! He’s also the designer of, “The Story Engine Deck” of writing prompts and is the author of the micro-fiction series, “The Shortest Story”. His writing and art have appeared in or have been covered by books, newspapers, blogs, and tabletop and video games! In addition, he’s also a two time winner of the Aurora Award for “Best Graphic Novel” from the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association! *phew* 😌 Peter is definitely a busy guy and we’re so excited that he’s going to literally, “virtually” (see what we did there? “Literally”, “virtually”… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰) hang out with us for 3 days (May 28th-May 30th, 2021) on CoreCon’s Twitch channel (! Want to know more about Peter and all of the incredible stuff he’s done? Check out his website and social media pages below!


Jonathan Brugh — Actor
Midwest Paranormal — Paranormal Investigators
Abra Staffin-Weibe — Author

Jennifer Cihi — Singer (Voice of singing Sailor Moon)
Stephanie DeLeo — Author
Adam Quesnell — Comedian
Paul St. Peter — Voice Actor

Jorge Guzman — Prop Memorabilia Collector
Aida Jacobs — Author
Christiana Cosplay — Professional Cosplayer

Bill Cochran — Artist
Renee Cochran — Artist
Paul St. Peter — Voice Actor
Terri Pray — Author

Voltaire — Musician
Christopher R. Mihm — Filmmaker

Anthony Montgomery — Actor
John Picacio — Artist
Lars Pearson — Author
Roy C. Booth — Author
Cynthia Booth — Author
Adam Quesnell — Comedian

Patricia Tallman — Actress
Joseph Scrimshaw — Comedian
Michael Merriam — Author
Terrance Brown II — Artist

S.M. Stirling — Author
Lovern Kindzierski — Comic Book Colorist
Michelle Bredeson — Author
Kevin Lenagh — Illustrator

Karen Sweetland — Artist
Toby Iverson — Film Producer
Rhiannon Paille — Author

Sue Dawe — Artist
Troy Sterling Nies — Composer
Voluntary Nightmare — Musical Group

Anita Burbeck — Artist
Chris N. Mahr — Author