There is a place for everyone at CoreCon, even teens and kids! Each year, we implement more things for younger fans to enjoy. These are some of the most popular things we have in place right now:

  • If you’re a teen and want to make friends with other teens, check out the Teen Terrors room! Teenagers designed this room as a place that they would like to hang out. We didn’t want adults trying to figure out what this room should be about; we had the people the room was for create it!
  • The Kid’s CONnection is for children to participate in theme-related activities.
  • The main programming Costume Contest may be a little too involved for a young person to want to participate in, so there is a Children’s Masquerade where everyone can dress up and walk around the convention showing off their outfits.
  • We encourage all of our fansuites to have some family-friendly events throughout the day. When they do transition to adult hours, they display signs on their doors advising that the room may not be the best for anyone under 18 to enter.

The Kids CONnection and Teen Terrors rooms are safe environments and 100% alcohol-free.