The Market at CoreCon 2023 


Please welcome our confirmed vendors and artists participating in this year’s Market! 

3D Cat Designs

Small family owned business selling 3D printed items.  We have many toys which articulate and are great fun to play with! We also sell D&D dice towers and other accessories.  Rounding out our lineup, we also sell phone stands so you never miss a moment of your streaming!



Stickers, art prints, magnets, sculptures and greeting cards featuring cute and whimsical depictions of real creatures and pop culture characters.  Commissions available upon request. 


Big Kids Karnival 

We make toy art including hand stitched plush toys, original designed 3D prints, and other handmade toys.  We also have our own original comic books along with amazing art prints.


Candy’s Crafts 

Nerdy hand etched glassware, sandblasted flasks and resin coasters.

Cat and Crow Creations 

Plushies, backpacks, tails, paws, ears, and collars.  Any of these items can be commissioned to make your cosplay experience better! There is always a little bit of chaos and magic happening in my shop.  Stop by for a look!


Caw and Claw  

Caw and claw is a fun little shop full of manners of odds and ends.  From jewelry to aromatherapy inspired body products to resin work pieces, handmade rhinestones and other eclectic items, everyone is sure to find something they’re looking for…. Whether they know they’re looking for it or not! 


Claire Doolittle Illustration LLC 

Claire Doolitle Illustration is an up-and-coming female illustrator who offers a diverse selection of fan work, original work, apparel and utilitarian charm! The tone and mood of her creative talents range form humorous to erotic, to pop culture obsessed! 


Dandelions & Dice 

Dandelions & Dice sadly do not sell dandelions, but, we do sell dice! Since our maiden voyage into the con world last year, we have expanded our offerings.  We offer handmade dice as well as other dice products such as nerdy earrings, dice bags, jumbo dice and mystery sets of dice.  But still  no dandelions… 


Delightfully Eclectic Designs 

Hello! I’m Annette, the maker behind Delightfully Eclectic Designs! I work with a variety of craft mediums and am always trying new things.  Currently I’m having fun with embroidery, fused glass and laser engraving! I create zipper bags, keychains, jewelry, wall hangings, and whatever else sparks my interest.


Dragon’s Den 

Charms and cosplay accessories!


Dragon Wyck Embroidery 

We try to bring things from your favorite fandom to life via stitch work and vinyl work and put them on items such as dice trays, flasks, flags and more! 


Hrtsmom’s Jewelry Etc. 

Hrtsmom’s Jewelry Etc. designs and creates one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and bookmarks as well as handmade pendants,  It’s also the featured venue for the fantasy and YAL specific novels of Trina L. Talma.  Meet the designer, creator author and business owner all at the same time! Hrtsmom’s Jewelry Etc. has been at CoreCon since the beginning and refuses to go away! 


Jim J. Workshop 

Laser engraved coasters and signs along with 3D printed items.  



Labunis offers crocheted accessories and plush, decorative items of various mediums and stationary.  Products tend to be minimalistic and colorful.  


Louise Ivy Goods or 

All hand sewn purses, totes, book sleeves, dice bags and hand cross stitched earrings and cat accessories.  May have 3D printed items as well.  


Lulz Bot  

Based in Fargo, ND, Lulz Bot is the largest manufacturer of award winning Desktop 3D printers in North America.  With our high quality printers, you can easily bring your ideas to life with precision and ease.  For over 10 years we have proudly served Fortune 500 companies, every military branch, hobbyists, top universities, automotive shops and everyone in between.  With Lulz Bot desktop 3D printers you can make things you need, want and things you never saw coming! Make progress, make mistakes, make mischief and above all Make Everything! 


Nakama Nerd-Op and 

Nakam Nerd-Op is the place to find handmade items for any fandom, gamer and nerd! We primarily work with perler pixel art but this comes also in keychains and shadow boxes.  We are currently looking to increase how many different types if fandoms are represented and encourage individuals to give us suggestions! 


Pop Culture Entertainment

We are an entertainment company that offers DJ-ing, Hollywood experience photo ops with screen used movie props, competitive game tournaments, and of course toys, games and autographed merchandise!


RatAttack Studios 

Custom on site art of your favorite character, OC, or even your fursona! As well as stickers, art prints both big and small and even resin art!


Lovingly hand sculpted polymer clay dragons


Skull Bros. 

Two creepy guys who live in a run down shack who make art and comics in the dead of night.


Sleeping Cat Creations 

We’ve got a whole mess of vinyl decals, soaps, candles and bags! 


Starshine Plush


Hand made plush of your favorite characters as well as a line of original designs.


Stewart’s Originals

We are a place for unique gifts and handmade jewelry items.  Come check out our inventory of rocks, jewelry, etc… 


The Meggles Art 

Prints, stickers, pins, acrylic grips, bookmarks, etc… 


The Nerd of The Rings 

Chainmaille jewelry and accessories for everyday wear and use.  We have a wide variety of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, key chains, bookmarks and more! Designs range from fun color combos to many nerd fandoms, to tons of pride designs and more! If I don’t have a color combo you like, I can make it.  I take custom orders from small items like child’s earrings to large group orders for your team, family or other group.  


The Whimsy Hollow 

Whimsical crafts, fairy items and magical potions. 



Theoretically.Okay is a midwest based artist.  If you love Kawaii, cat beans, and other unique fandom wares, we have you covered! All ages.  All genres.  


Travis Bentley Design 

Travis Bentley is a traditional artist who mixes brushpen traditional linework with watercolor and digital coloring to create a unique vision of pop culture focusing on mechanical constructs and bold compositions.  


Wolf Dynasty Studios 

We have a wide variety of fan-art and original design merchandise in the form of prints, buttons, keychains, magnets, dice boxes, acrylic charms, pillow cases, custom face masks, commissions and new types of merchandise being designed all the time! 


Wolf Pak Enterprises 

Original artwork, hand crafted jewelry, painted household items, resin crafted items as well as used games, new games and books! 


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