The Market at CoreCon 2024 

 Please welcome our confirmed vendors and artists participating in this year’s Market! 

3D Cat Designs

Angry Fox


Candy’s Crafts

Cat and Crow Creations

Caw and Claw

Claire Doolittle Illustration LLC

Dandelions & Dice

Dragon’s Den

Dragon Wyck Embroidery

Hrtsmom’s Jewelry Etc.

Jim J. Workshop


Louise Ivy Goods or

Nakama Nerd-Op and


Sharp and Pointy

Shiny Squirrel Creations, LLC

Skull Bros.

Sleeping Cat Creations

Starshine Plush

Stewart’s Originals

The Meggles Art

The Nerd of The Rings

The Whimsy Hollow


Travis Bentley Design

Veiled Vortex

Wolf Dynasty Studios

Wolf Pak Enterprises


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