Fansuites are some of the most popular attractions at CoreCon and are a combination of imagination, creativity, and fantasy. The rooms are brought together with hard work to create inviting atmospheres with trivia, contests, prizes, movies, food, drink, and people to provide good conversation and strike up new friendships while socializing with a variety of people. We hope you take the time to visit all of these great new rooms and please remember to vote for your favorite room.

If you are interested in having a fansuite at CoreCon, please take a look at the link below for new rules and guidelines, please send any questions to

Important Dates:

1/31/2020 Request Form Deadline – This is the final day that you can fill out the fansuite submission form.

2/8/2020 Request Form Response – This is when the fansuites chair member will let you know if a room is available and provide you with contract and information if you are still interested.

2/25/2020 – Contracts and Deposits Deadline – At this time, if we have not received the contracts for your fansuite, the chair will contact those who were put on a waitlist for rooms.

2/25/2020 – Ads & Blurbs Deadline – The fansuite chair will need the information about what you would like printed up about your fansuite for the program guide, as well as the ad for your room.