Fansuites are some of the most popular attractions at CoreCon and are a combination of imagination, creativity, and fantasy. The rooms are brought together with hard work to create inviting atmospheres with trivia, contests, prizes, movies, food, drink, and people to provide good conversation and strike up new friendships while socializing with a variety of people. We hope you take the time to visit all of these great new rooms and please remember to vote for your favorite room.

The enrollment period for 2018 Fansuite submissions has ended. Please check in after CoreCon X to apply for next year, and check out which Fansuites will be at CoreCon X!


Castle Forrester – Home of the Delta Knights Pancake Breakfast. Come for the pancakes. Stay for the Movie Experiments.

Pick your Village and climb up the ranks of Ninja in our Naruto themed room. Enjoy games, naruto shippuden marathon and interact with characters from the hit series! Get missions from the Hokage as you work your way to Jonin class.

Enter the Epic age, drink the mead, roll the bones. Dare to stare into the eye of Odin.

You could say CoreCon is so amazing it’s almost Supernatural! A room for our favorite demon/ monster hunters: The Winchesters, Sam & Dean. Come watch seasons of the show, play some trivia and get warded or maybe strike up a demon deal.

A not at all quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The perfect spot for kicking back with your henchmen, plotting world conquest, or just plain hating everyone.

This is a fansuite for members of the Furry Fandom or anyone else who enjoys the idea of partying with big fluffy animals!

We are back with more games, more prizes, and more… other stuff…
Now 50% more kid friendly and 100% more elitist!

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