About the Virtual CoreCon Art Show

Had a little extra free time over the past couple of years? Did you create something you’re super proud of? Awesome! Let’s see it (or something from ‘the before times’). The CoreCon Art Show is a place to display your artistic creations. There’s even a panel of judges and prizes! You don’t even have to pre-register – just bring your item to the desk at Spark Station during con, and they’ll get your piece displayed

The Future of the Art Show

We’re looking at adding a Kid’s section to the Art Show this year at CoreCon. It’ll be open to anyone young enough to qualify for a Kid’s badge (12 and under). Teens and Adults will be in the regular Art Show. If you have any budding young artists who wish to show their stuff this year, stop by the Spark Station desk with your kid and their art – we’re excited to see what the geeklets among us are creating!

If you have any questions, email art@fargocorecon.org.