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Art Show

About the Virtual CoreCon Art Show

Traditionally, the Art Show has been a judged art display with prizes. We will be back to that once we’re back in person,but in a virtual world, things will be a little different. There will be a section on the CoreCon Discord server for people to post their work and show it off. This could be a picture of the piece*, or a link to a website for people to peruse at their leisure. If you wish to sell your work, it’s appropriate to list a price along with the picture, but please don’t spam this up – we’re a friendly convention and want to keep that fan-run atmosphere! Please don’t post nudity on our server (but if you have a link that includes nudity, that’s fine). We’ll have no judging, and no prizes this year – we’ll get back to that at the next in-person CoreCon!

The Future of the Art Show

We’re looking at adding a Kid’s section to the Art Show at our next in-person CoreCon. It’ll be open to anyone young enough to qualify for a Kid’s badge (12 and under). Teens and Adults will be in the regular Art Show. If you have any budding young artists who wish to show their stuff this year, post it on the Discord server, along with their age – we’re excited to see what the geeklets among us are creating!

* don’t forget to watermark your piece somehow! Don’t want anyone else taking credit for your work!

If you have any questions, email the art show coordinator.