CoreCon Costume/Masquerade Contest Rules

These rules are in effect so that all participants entering the Costume/Masquerade contest at CoreCon have a fun and an enjoyable time. Remember this is an all-ages show and we expect all behavior to be kept within the PG-13 rating system. Any and all questions can be brought to the Contest Director, Shayli Johnson, who will be more than willing to answer your question to the best of her ability. We hope that you work with us to make this a great fun experience for ALL ages.

  1. CoreCon invites anyone who is in a costume to participate. All entries will be judged individually on their costumes along with presentation. There will be Best in Class Award for Young Fan, Beginner, Experienced, and Exhibit category. Other additional awards may be presented to Best in show, Workmanship, Performance, Representation of Theme, Makeup, Props, Re-creation, Audience Favorite, Homemade as well as individual judge’s awards. Young Fan Class presentation and awards will occur prior to all adult Class to accommodate them being at their best at performance time.
  2. The CoreCon Costume Contest, including Cosplay, is for costumers presenting the themes from Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mythology, Anime, Theater, and other realms of the imagination. Also costumes meant to accurately represent historical or cultural dress are also encouraged to participate. Granted, if you are wearing street clothes and are representing the current era, PLEASE unless you are a zombie, this contest is not for you and you will be asked to exit the stage. Keep clothing within the bounds of expectable decency laws (no clothes=no costume). If you have any questions, please direct them to the Contest Director.
  3. Anyone wishing to participate in the contest must register before 5pm with CoreCon staff. Registration forms will be available at the registration table and in Con Suites. If you have any questions or needing assistance in registering please contact the Contest Director or other CoreCon staff.
  4. You may register as an individual or group. A person registering as an individual MAY NOT also participate as a group. Entrants may be on stage only once. A group may consist of up to 6 individuals. A group will be considered a single entity and will only receive ONE prize per category and group members will have to figure out how to share it. Any group over 6 persons needs to first be approved by the Contest Director (cannot have Snow white and the 5 dwarfs).
  5. Costumes that win a major award (Best of…..) at CoreCon they are not permitted to compete in that same costume in future years. The person wearing that costume is able to compete as long as they wear a new or different costume. Please darn up a new costume and strut your stuff, showing off how good you are at costuming. Also, do not give your costume to a friend and have them enter it, our judging staff get bored easily and need to see new and exciting things to keep their attention.
  6. Individual presentation may not exceed 30 seconds on stage unless the judging staff has questions. Group entries may not exceed one (1) minutes, again unless judging staff has questions. Please let’s keep things moving, the judging staff bores easily and unhappy judges are never good. Remember presentation can make or break your costume; bring attention to what is awesome about your costume.
  7. Microphones will not be available on the stage, leave the talking to our great MC unless you have excellent stage projection or are entering as Cosplay.
  8. Remember CoreCon weapons rules, if you are interested in doing anything combat related you MUST clear it with the Contest Director well prior to the contest. Remember you will be performing at your own risk. Fire, flame or projectiles of any and all sort are completely prohibited. Also nothing messy, sticky, gooey, or anything else that may leave a path behind you (wet, dry or oily substances) will not be permitted as part of the costume or presentation. Additionally, if you leave a mess YOU will be required to clean it up by the Contest Director.
  9. Please leave the stage in the same condition as when you step foot on it. You are responsible to pick up any items you discard while on stage (including anything your costume may shed). If you feel you need help with this draft a friend, we will not assign volunteers to follow you.
  10. All costumes and presentation must be PG 13. Please do not try out any questionable material for your up and coming HBO comedy special. If you think your performance might be deemed as offensive or risqué, you are probably right. Costumes judged prior to the contest as indecent or inappropriate will be disqualified and will not be allowed on stage. If your performance becomes inappropriate while on stage you WILL be embarrassed by being asked to leave by the Contest Director, no matter how much the audience loves it, including wardrobe malfunction. This applies to dialogue or music that might contain material intentionally offensive to persons of any ethnic, racial, religious, gender or sexual orientation. It is acceptable for women to wear items that some certain religious groups might find chaste, but chances are they will not be attending this convention, as long as the costume abides by ND/MN and Fargo/Moorhead decency codes it will be acceptable. This rule is meant to encompass material, including jokes, that poke fun of people from “alternative” religious, sexual or from differing race or ethnic groups. Do not include swear words (blasphemous, scatological or sexual) in nature during any part of your performance. Also, ugh, including promoting or making fun of child molestation/pornography, cruelty to animals, rape…… Additionally, depiction of drug use or underage drinking is frowned upon. The Contest Director makes all final decision and does not need to give any explanation. If you have any questions as to the suitability of your costume or performance, it is in your best interest to contact the Contest Director well prior to the Contest. Honestly she is pretty cool and will work with you have an amazing contest experience.
  11. Live animals are not allowed unless they are guide animals to assist a person who has a disability. Imaginary animals are on the other hand encouraged.
  12. Please surprise the audience, surprise the judges, surprise yourself, but DO NOT surprise the Contest Director (see rule #10). Please check with the Contest Director if you have any questions well prior to the contest. The Contest Director is easily approachable and a pretty gosh darn fun person.
  13. The Contest Director has complete, full and final authority over all aspects of the Costume Contest. The Contest Director has the authority to waive any of the above rules if persuaded by a Costume Contest entrant given the entrants personal circumstances of the exceptions. Bribes are not accepted, sorry.

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  1. Robin

    Is there a fee to register?

    1. Doug Beierle

      Your convention badge is all you need. There is not a separate fee for the Costume Contest.

  2. Honey

    If an individual would like to preform a dance do you think the 30 seconds is enough or should they find a new idea?

    1. Soul Consul

      Hi, Honey! It entirely depends on the dance! I’d recommend practicing at home to see if the time limit allows you enough freedom to do what you’d like to do!

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