The convention staff reserves the right to revoke convention passes for any actions deemed disruptive.

Weapons Policy

In the interest of preserving the safety and security of everyone enjoying CoreCon, attendees should be aware of our weapons policy and follow these guidelines. Those who ignore or disregard these regulations may have their Con badges and registration revoked without refund from CoreCon.

  • No weapons or props that fire a projectile or fluid are allowed
  • Realistic-looking firearms must be holstered, peacebound, and cannot be un-holstered under any circumstances
  • Non-realistic firearms must be holstered and peacebound if possible
  • Non-realistic firearms that cannot be holstered may never be pointed at any attendee under any circumstances
  • Any weapon that cannot be peace-bound is not allowed Weapons and props with blades must be sheathed, peace-bound, and may not be unsheathed under any circumstances
  • Costumes that bear similarity to actual law enforcement or military uniforms will be allowed to incorporate realistic firearms only during costuming events that specifically allow them. At no other time are realistic firearms allowed to accompany costumes that bear similarity to actual law enforcement or military uniforms

CoreCon and Digital Grail reserve the right to amend these policies without prior notice and any ruling made by CoreCon or Digital Grail is final.


Projectile weapons: Any prop or firearm that projects or expels a solid, liquid, gas or energy (including laser light) is considered a projectile weapon. Projectile weapons are not allowed.

Peace-bond: A peace-bound weapon is tied to its holster, sheath, or similar container with a functional binding. This prevents anyone else from drawing your weapon and displays in a traditional manner that you are a responsible attendee. Peace-bond material will be available at the registration desk and CoreCon Ops throughout the convention.

Marking: Non-realistic firearms and bladed props and weapons that cannot be sheathed (bat’leth, halberd, etc.) will have peace-bond material tied to it as a visible sign that it’s been approved by CoreCon security. Peace-bond material will be available at the registration desk and CoreCon Ops throughout the convention.

Curfew Policy

CoreCon respects the curfew policy of the city of Fargo and Moorhead. Minors under the age of 16 are not allowed to participate in CoreCon events between the hours of 11:00 pm through 6:00 am unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Lost + Stolen Items

CoreCon and Digital Grail are not responsible for misplaced, lost, or stolen items. If such items are found, they may be taken to the CoreCon Ops room to be entered into our lost found. If you lose or misplace an item, or something is stolen, check with the hotel front desk, CoreCon Registration desk, or CoreCon Ops to see if someone has turned it in.

Alcohol Sales

Following is current Fargo Law (CHAPTER 5-02 RETAIL LICENSING):

5-02-07.1. Sale of alcoholic beverages in exchange for goods prohibited. Any licensee engaged in the retail sale of alcoholic beverages who accepts goods, chattels, or other tangible personal property, other than money, checks, legal tender, negotiable instruments, or other evidences of debt, in exchange for any alcoholic beverages is guilty of a class B misdemeanor.

Following is current Moorhead Law (2-3-3: LICENSES REQUIRED, CLASSIFICATIONS):

2-3-3: No person, except wholesalers or manufacturers to the extent authorized under state license, shall directly or indirectly deal in, sell or keep for sale any intoxicating or 3.2 percent malt liquor without first having received a license to do so

In order to remain in accordance to the city of Fargo and Moorhead law, CoreCon Fansuites won’t be allowed to sell alcohol for money, nor trade it for cups, stickers, etc.


In order to promote public health, and for matters of our insurance policy, CoreCon does not allow attendees to attend any part of the convention without wearing footwear. We have no restrictions on the type of footwear worn, for we don’t wish to interfere with costumes any more than necessary, but attendees will not be allowed to go barefoot at any time for any reason.

Harassment Policy

Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. If you are feeling harassed or uncomfortable due to another individual or individuals, go to a Con Suite or Operations and inform CoreCon staff of the issue. CoreCon staff will investigate and handle the matter seriously, including possible repercussions. CoreCon staff will legitimize complaints and separate individuals or more if necessary. CoreCon is a family friendly event and would prefer that people conduct themselves in a family friendly manner during “day time” hours except in private or specifically marked 18+ areas. CoreCon requests that everyone treat each other with respect whether it’s taking a picture or admiring a costume.

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