One of the signature pieces of CoreCon is our diverse range of Panels. Meet our Guests of Honor, discuss your favorite fandom with others, or expand your knowledge of gaming, cosplay, science, and geek culture. You’re sure to be enlightened, amused, and entertained.

If you are giving a Panel this year, THANK YOU. Your dedication to the world of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Anime and Gaming in all of their forms will certainly inspire someone. What amazes us is that some of the people giving Panels have little to no public speaking experience. Their passion for the subject overcomes their stage fright and means that their Panel truly comes from the heart.

If you are attending a Panel, please be respectful of the presenters. Remember: they are volunteers. If eating, try not to have loud crinkling bags of munchies and turn your cell phone ringers off. Most Panelists will have time for questions and answers at some point, so please do not interrupt during their presentation. Realize we are all friends because we share similar interests and treat them as such. Please thank each Panelist for their time and effort. Without them CoreCon would not be as enriching as it is.

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