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Cosplay Focus and Photography

Many at CoreCon love the amazing costumes that people bring to cosplay. Whether you compete in the Costume Contest or just like to strut your stuff in the halls, the craftsmanship really adds to the fun of CoreCon.  From noobs to masters, all of the effort that goes into costuming is appreciated and celebrated here. We support the professional clubs like the Star Wars 501st Legion, Rebel Legion and Mandolorian Mercs and their charity work. We also encourage new costumers to network with the experienced to help grow the community. Look for Cosplay panels to “level up” your skills.

Our Save Point photography  is dedicated to capturing the diversity of the costumes with images. Staffed by multiple photographers, our room has studio lighting to flatter your poses. The volunteer photographers won’t charge you to take your picture. You can get more extensive photo shoots or purchase prints from the photographers but CoreCon is independent of that. Thanks to Louis R Zurn Photography, Bee & Bee Photography and many others who have volunteered their time over the years. Check out the main schedule for group photo shoots and meet like minded fans.

Here are a few photos from previous years, but please check out the Facebook page to see all of them!