There are so many things to enjoy at CoreCon! Here’s a small and very incomplete list of what you can expect!

Contests – Costume contests, the art show, … There are lots of ways to win at CoreCon!

Fansuites – Fansuites are an opportunity for con-goers to put together a themed room and party the night away!

Gaming – Gaming takes various forms at CoreCon, like tabletop and electronic.

Guests – We try to bring in a few special guests each year who will entice our attendees.

Panels – If you have any questions, please contact

Spark Station – A relatively new addition, Spark Station will be a way to spark your creativity and craft a take-home souvenir.

Schedule – Join us May 25th through May 26th at the Holiday Inn in Fargo.

The Market – Some people go to CoreCon purely to spend money, so we have a place you can do that.

Youth Events – We don’t want kids and teens to feel left out, so we gave them their own rooms.