“By the Fans, For the Fans”

Every year, the CoreCon Consuls read through the surveys and comment cards. These surveys are important because they drive the changes we make. Below are some examples of changes made directed because of your feedback on the surveys. It should be noted that these are the most recent changes (2014-2017); we have been listening and evolving since we first started in 2009.

Hotel Concerns

  • “The Baymont/Doublewood/Ramada’s* pool area is too hot.”
  • “We are running out of space and people feel cramped when at the hotel walking around.”
  • “Fansuites are not comfortable to be in due to the heat in the pool area”

Solution: We are moving to the Holiday Inn this year for CoreCon X! While we acknowledged these concerns immediately, it took us time to make the change and grow to a point where we could afford the move. The Holiday Inn is more spacious, newer, has more technology, and will allow us even more room to grow.


  • “I am in a wheelchair and can’t get everywhere, specifically fansuites and onstage.”
  • “I enjoy CoreCon but sometimes I get overwhelmed and need a place to get away from everything.”

Solution: Our last year at the Double Wood/Baymont/Ramada*, we encouraged all fansuites to have access through the hallways so anyone in a wheelchair could come and enjoy the room. We also added a ramp onstage. CoreCon X will be even more wheelchair friendly because the Holiday Inn is newer and more spacious. This past year, we added a Quiet Room which will continue at our new location. This room has stuffed animals, coloring pages, crayons, markers, manga, and sensory bottles. When you need a break from the chaos, it’s the perfect place to go.


  • “It would be great to have better variety of new games to try.”

Solution: All games that are part of the gaming library are donations from CoreCon volunteers and fans. Due of the generosity of our fans, we are continuously growing our gaming library. We posted our wish list of games to try to solicit newer games for our attendees to try. Keep checking back year to year to see which new and exciting games we added. If you want to donate some of your own, we will not object!


  • “It would be helpful to know if the fansuite is kid friendly or what hours they are kid friendly.”

Solution: A sign will be posted stating if the fansuites are kid friendly and if so what hours they are kid friendly.

Electronic Gaming

  • “We need more variety in our 8 Bit Bounty Challenges.”
  • “Access to ‘old school’ games and systems, please.”

Solution: Our Electronic Gaming Portal team has made the 8 Bit Bounty Challenges for various skill levels as well as added a variety of different “old school” game systems like Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, Turbo Graphics 16 and more. We also have the Play station 4, Wii, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch if you want to try your hand at our newer machines and games.


  • “I have teenagers who can’t do all the activities at CoreCon. It would be nice to have a cheaper price for their badges.”

Solution: We now offer a variety of badges based on age. Teen badges (ages 13-17) are $30 for the entire weekend, kids badges (ages 6-12) are $15 for the weekend, and children five and under can attend for free. Adult badges are $35-50 depending on when you purchase them. Now it is more affordable to bring your whole family.

Costume Contest

  • “Please judge workmanship before the contest.”
  • “I got teased about my costume while I was in line waiting to go up on stage.”
  • “It would be great if we could get certificates that said we won.”


  • All workmanship is judged outside of the actual Costume Contest time. Each contestant is given a scheduled 15-minute block of time to talk about their work and answer questions from the judges about their costume. This is done in a private/quiet area without other attendees around.
  • We will have a line-minder whose job is solely to ensure everyone is being nice to other contestants and that there is no bullying/teasing going on. We want everyone to enjoy their experience showing their costume off.
  • All winners of CoreCon X’s Costume Contest will receive a certificate saying what they won.

Thank you for helping us grow! We appreciate all your feedback!

* The previous hotel changed their name frequently.