Fansuite Information

Thank you for your interest in running a fansuite! Our theme for the 2019 CoreCon convention will be High Tech, Low Life! Fansuites help make CoreCon amazing. The convention will be held at the Ramada (located at 3333 13th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103) and will take place on May 23rd – 26th, 2018. Hopefully this page can answer some of your questions, but if you need to know anything we didn’t cover, please contact

1. What hotel information do I need to know about the new location?

Hotel Room

Currently, the standard hotel rooms at the Holiday Inn & Suites will cost you $99 plus tax each night.   The new hotel rooms will have a $50 non-refundable deposit. This goes towards the cost of the room being prepped by the hotel. They will be laying plastic and removing unwanted items from the room. The hotel is charging CoreCon $225 per room for prep of each room and CoreCon is covering $175 of this cost. CoreCon will still cover the cost of one night of the room rental.

Adjoining Rooms

We will still be offering adjoining rooms at the new hotel. However, CoreCon WILL NOT be able to cover any of the costs of the second room. This means the total cost of the adjoining room will be $225 plus the room cost of $99 for the three nights totaling $522 plus taxes and fees. We want to encourage our fansuites that would normally do an adjoining room to consider crowdfunding to help supplement the extra cost.

Placement of Fansuites

All fansuites will be poolside on the first floor. As there is a limited supply, you should apply early to guarantee you get a spot. When you register your party, you can indicate any space preferences along with your reason. We take those into consideration in our planning, but space is allocated based primarily on convention needs. This may mean that we space out the crowded parties, cluster the related parties, and place people near their friends’ parties when possible. Noise levels and traffic flow are important factors as well.

Sleeping Rooms

All standard hotel rooms are  $99 plus tax. Suites are $189 plus tax.  Rooms fill up fast, so make sure you request them through the hotel as soon as possible by calling (701) 282-2700.  Please also indicate you are with CoreCon and provide any preferences you might have, like being close to your fansuite or further from the pool area. Also note if you prefer a king room or a room with 2 queen beds. We will make every attempt to accommodate your preferences and make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

2. What do I need to run a room?


It’s not much fun to host a party alone and be stuck there all night unable to visit any other parties or just relax. Think of everything you plan on bringing and setting up in your fansuite. Do you need help with that?  If you serve alcohol, someone has to card everyone being served to be sure they are of legal drinking age. Be sure to plan for enough staff to keep your party covered at all times. We recommend that you use the free weekend passes you get to invite others to help run your room and join in the fun to be had.


There is a $50 non-refundable deposit that is required. The hotel room itself costs $99 per night. An adjoining room has an extra expense of $225 for the bed removal fee and plastic on top of the $99 per night. You should make sure you can afford the event, including the cost of the hotel room, refreshments, decorations, and anything else your theme requires. We recommend that you have a tip jar in your room to help recover some of your expenses or look into various crowdfunding options.


Once you have those things covered and are sure you want to commit to a fansuite, complete a Fansuite Request Form and fill out all the questions completely. You can email with any questions. Be aware of the deadlines for the application so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

The deadlines for 2018 are as follows:

2/1/2018 Request Form Deadline – This is the final day that you can fill out the fansuite submission form.

2/07/2018 Request Form Response – This is when the fansuites chair member will let you know if a room is available and provide you with contract and information if you are still interested.

2/25/2018 – Contracts and Deposits Deadline – At this time, if we have not received the contracts for your fansuite, the chair will contact those who were put on a waitlist for rooms.

2/25/2018 – Ads & Blurbs Deadline – The fansuite chair will need the information about what you would like printed up about your fansuite for the program guide, as well as the ad for your room.

Ads & Blurbs

Every fansuite gets a quarter page advertisement and a blurb about their room in the program guide. The blurb must be under 50 words. The specs for the ads are as follows:

  • 4.25 x 5.5inches
  • 25inch bleed
  • 300dpi
  • PDF preferred
  • Black and white

3. What important rules do I need to know?


Everyone who helps run your fansuite needs a CoreCon weekend pass. You will also be responsible for reporting to security or staff if anyone enters your room without a badge. This way security or staff can assist that person in purchasing a badge. CoreCon provides two free weekend badges for each fansuite and an extra two for adjoining rooms.

Selling Goods

No commerce is permitted in party rooms. The exception to the commerce policy is the pre-registration of attendees for other conventions taking place in the future. We have made exceptions in the past and will allow for other exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the fansuite chair to obtain permission or with any further questions.

Serving Alcohol

If you choose to serve alcohol in your room, we require that you card every single person, every single time. We do not allow wristbands or stamps to be utilized in place of carding. If you are seen not carding, you can be shut down for the weekend. If you are caught serving minors, you WILL be shut down.

4. What supplies should I bring?

Suggested supplies

Everything on this list is optional but suggested. Keep in mind as well that everything must be used in moderation to prevent damage to the suite.


  • “Caution” tape for blocking off bathroom
  • Wall decorations, if desired
  • Tables and chairs (Available upon request; quantities limited.)
  • Shelving or other display furniture if you have anything you need to display
  • Stepstool or small ladder.0
  • Hand cart or dolly for load in/out since hotel carts are likely to be unavailable

Office Supplies

  • Paper (colorful or white) for last-minute signs and notes. Post-it’s are good, too.
  • Pens, pencils, crayons, markers and the like, as desired

Food & Drink

  • Cups, plates, napkins – anything your food requires.
  • Labels for your food. People like to know what they are eating!
  • Beverage dispensers, if needed
  • Cooler(s), if needed
  • Ice in bags (the machines at the hotel frequently run out)

Light & Sound

  • Extension cords and power strips (if you have these, please also make sure they are covered or taped down to prevent tripping hazards)
  • Lamps, clip-on lights, or other lighting
  • Speakers to play music, projector, computer, etc
  • Game system and/or DVD player, composite RCA cables to plug into the hotel’s TV

Environmental Controls

  • Electric fans.


  • Sponges, dish soap, shop towels, other supplies

5. What are the room requirements that I must follow?


All fansuites are required to be open for at least 4 hours Thursday, 6 hours Friday, and 6 hours Saturday. We ask that all fansuites submit their room hours by February 25, 2018 for use in the schedule app. We understand that it’s hard to plan things so far in advance. Things can still be changed in the app up until the month before con, so keep us posted if you have any changes. This can add to your traffic since people like knowing when to come back (if they happen by while you’re closed).


In your welcome packet, there will be a sign that states that all attendees must have a badge to be in the room. Post this on your pool side door. There will also be a sign that says we ID every single time. Please post this near your bar if you are serving alcohol.


Each suite is required to have 2 events or activities available for CoreCon attendees to partake in during the weekend. Examples of these would be some type of contest, movie, or game.

6. What do I do when I arrive at CoreCon?

CoreCon Check in

Your fansuite chair will be at registration from the hours of 10 to noon on Thursday to provide you with  a welcome packet for your room along with all of the fansuite badges. If this time doesn’t work for you, other times can be arranged. Please contact your fansuite chair at for other arrangements.

Hotel Check in

Do regular hotel check in at the front desk of the hotel.  Double check to make sure that CoreCon is signed up to pay for Thursday night of the room your fansuite is in. If there is any issue with this, let your fansuite chair know immediately. Contact information for the fansuite chair will be with the welcome packet.

Double Check

When you get into your fansuite, please double check to make sure what you have asked to be removed has been removed and what you have asked to be added has been added. If you are missing something or need something, contact the fansuite chair or go to Operations (located in the Atrium of the convention center) and they will get you assistance.

7. What do I do when I want to check out?

Clean Up

Gather all of your belongings and haul them out of the room. Carefully remove any decorations that you hung up. Rooms must be cleared out by 11 am on Sunday unless you request late check-out through the hotel. Remove any posters you put up on the pool door along with anything you used to advertise your room. Settle your tab with the hotel and make sure you were billed properly. (Remember: CoreCon pays for Thursday night only.) Be sure to fill out your fansuite feedback form before you leave. We appreciate all of your feedback.

Dead Dog Party

If you wish to stay and help us put furniture back and restore the hotel, please let the fansuite chair know so she can direct you on what needs to be done. Hotel resets on Sunday are one of our favorite ways to keep the party going well beyond the hours the fansuites have closed. A couple of hours after Closing Ceremonies end, we have a pizza party and give out prizes to volunteers then play some games and just hang out! Whether you are able to help with the reset or not, you are invited to join us for the Dead Dog Party. We KNOW how much work you put in all year long to bring your fansuite to CoreCon.

Thank you for helping make CoreCon great!