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On Ancient Seas Thanks You

To13419232_10208119511419111_3998293221519119834_n copy all of the volunteers and people who made this years convention happen THANK YOU! CoreCon has always been a “for fans by  fans” run convention. It took unbelievable hours and effort for a four-day celebration. Some people worked on bits and pieces all year-long so THANK YOU. The volunteers in the Inner Core (3 Consuls head the con, Inner Core are the Department Heads and Assistants) did a tremendous job this year and all while working regular jobs and home lives. There are different reasons why they dedicate themselves to their fandom’s but it shows in the work they do. I would list the people who helped this year but with more than 50 volunteers helping all year and the fans who stepped up to help at the con no one person can know everything and everyone who contributed. Just rest assured it is much appreciated by everyone! Our attendance was 1058 fans. They came from Winnipeg, Wisconsin, Minnesota, to as far away as Texas and Taiwan. With the Silent Auction we raised over $1,400.00 for our charity and the Hotel is still in one piece.

The Wedding at CoreCon went off without a hitch… well actually it didn’t because they are hitched now. Paul St. Peters was fun, entertaining and informative. Bill and Renee had insights that helped artists realize the steps needed to fulfill their dreams. Terri Pray showed how words can paint vivid pictures. The Kamikaze Snowmen, our MC’s, did a stand up job (Get it, they are stand up comics… They won’t let me write their material. I don’t know why.) and entertained throughout the con with The Worst Gamers Panel, Dinner with the Snowmen and fun everywhere.

If you want to join our army of volunteers that never get enough thanks for all of the endless work that goes on. The rewards are the faces of the fans having a great time, and you will receive the knowledge that you have helped in building a community of like-minded fans and have a great time doing it.  You can join us at our next open meeting. It will be July 17, 2016 at the Baymont Inn and Suites at 4:00pm. You can also Skype in if you prefer. The room changes but come on in and look for the worn out geeks and nerds that have a smile on their face because they take part in something extraordinary that is CoreCon.

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