The Save Point Photo Room: Capturing Your CoreCon Memories

A picture is worth a thousand words, so it might seem a little pointless to write a blog when we could just show you a slideshow. But pictures won’t capture how much effort our volunteer photographers put in each year to make sure that every great moment is captured on film forever.

There are a lot of things that happen at CoreCon each year, and we are blessed to have so many talented photographers who want to make sure that you can remember it all through images. You’ll be able to spot most of them at panels, tournaments, and just walking around, talking to people and snapping photos. In case you can’t find one of them, they also have a designated photography room called The Save Point.

Before you hit the boss battle and ruin your costume, get a photo to capture the moment. In the other convention spaces, you’re going to have to deal with bad lighting and photo bombers. The Save Point has studio flashes and backdrops. It’s nice to have a professional picture taken when you look your best. And the best part about our photos is that they are completely FREE. We only ask that you let us use them on social media and our website.

If you really enjoy a specific photographer and want a more involved, full featured shoot, that is an option. You’ll just have to work with them to work out pricing and details.

Our photography team is particularly excited to be at the Holiday Inn & Suites this year. Why? A friggin’ pirate ship in the pool area! Think of how many cool photographs can be taken with that in the background! Onepiece fans, those who are cosplaying goonies, Jack Sparrow himself… They’re all going to love taking pictures with the ship! [Disclaimer: Jack Sparrow will not be at CoreCon X. He is not a real person.] Maybe someone will cosplay as a character from Waterworld? Probably not.

One of the neat things about our convention is seeing the unexpected. The cosplayers who attend vary from noob to masters of their craft. It is always exciting to see what new ideas these creative people can come up with, and we hope you’ll let us share the moment with you!

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