Youth Events at CoreCon X

CoreCon isn’t just for adults! In fact, we try really hard to make sure people under eighteen feel like they get just as much out of CoreCon as their older peers do. This is a family event. Most of the people who organize and attend CoreCon have children that they want to make sure feel included as much as possible, even if they can’t attend every panel. So since we have some 18+ rooms and panels, we gave children and young adults their own rooms and events, too!

Teen Terrors

Going to a big place with a lot of people is hard, right? It’s even worse if there’s nowhere you can fit in. This is a daily issue for teenagers. We’re technically kids but are a bit different from your average ten-year-old. So we might try to hang around the adults, and that might go fine for a little bit until we have no clue what they’re talking about. What are the teenagers supposed to do after they’ve tried every group there is?

This is a big reason why CoreCon made the Teen Terrors room. I love running this room because I get to hang around my age group and have a blast planning out the room with my team. It’s also really cool to see teen con-goers make great friendships that last for longer than just CoreCon. Another perk of this whole teen room is there’s no drinking, and it’s a safe space. So if you need a break or it’s getting to be too much, you can come chill with us in the Teen room.

[Editor’s Note: We have teenagers in the Inner Core, and a lot of our at-con volunteers are under 18. They are incredibly valuable human beings, and we don’t think CoreCon would be quite as amazing without them.]

Kids Connection

The heroes have returned to CoreCon, but so have the villains. This room is for all the tiny superheroes and villains to participate in activities that will hopefully entertain them more than the vendor room or some panels might. This year in the “Sidekick Academy,” your child can train to become a superhero! (Unless they choose to use their powers for evil and become a villain…) They can take on heroic missions, join the sidekick boot camp full of challenges, and compete in the Hero vs. Villain competition. There are three “Hands of Justice” trophies that they can try to win!

Children’s Masquerade

The main programming Costume Contest is very involved and can take a while for all the judging rounds. It’s probably too involved for most children, so we have an alternative costume contest just for them. In fact, the children’s masquerade is probably better because they get a parade, something even the adults don’t get!


We encourage every fansuite to have some activities for the younger attendees during daytime hours. When they do transition to 18+ late at night, they must have display signs on the door stating the change and that it may not be the most suitable environment for anyone under 18.

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