Anime Fargo Virtual Convention

CoreCon 2020 “The Great Age of Dragons” was interrupted by the “New Plague”. Our paladins were attacking a dragon and needed healing. The ‘wizard’ of our dungeon party used ‘bat’ ears instead of ‘rat’ ears in their healing spell (basically rolled a one) and started a pandemic by mistake (they are really sorry by the way). So we had to regroup. Our convention retreated for everyone’s safety but we will rise again.

A virtual convention is a great idea but CoreCon was unable to get enough remote portals charged in time. Interestingly enough though our ‘wizard’ (yes the same one) accidentally sent our sister convention through time. Our sister convention “Anime Fargo” had it’s first convention a few short months after CoreCon 2014: Echoes of the Future, coincidence, I think not. Luckily they have had the time to plan.

Anime Fargo 2020 Online will be taking place at its regularly scheduled time, September 18-20th. So how does a Virtual Convention work? It takes a bit of planning but almost all of the things you can find at con can be done online. Most of Anime Fargo will be handled and directed from their Discord Server. After downloading discord use this invite to access multiple channels covering everything. Table top games will have channels to join or sign up for different RPG’s and more. E Gaming will still have contests and group play. Some areas may refer you to Twitch streams and other platforms so be prepared. The Costume Contest is accepting entries and with their guest judges, will still have fun and prizes. Their are meme channels, pet channels, and channels to discuss Anime. There is even a web comic started by Anime Fargo’s graphic designer.

What about collecting badge ribbons and the party rooms? It may not be as collectible, but one suggestion is to get some post it notes. When you go to certain rooms, meetups, or channels they will give you their badge ribbon quote and you can write it on your post it note to collect them all. Yes it sounds cheesy, but hey most fun things are. As far as the party rooms go, remember NO security this year! Wear what you want, drink what you want and if you live alone no supervision! Hold up, there will be moderators on the channels so remember even on line you are still in public and expected to behave.

Anime Fargo is even hiring guests this year. You will be able to hear the rumbling basso voice of Paul St Peter, who has voice acted in KINGDOM HEARTS (Xemnas), NARUTO (Nine Tail Fox), ONE PUNCH MAN (Beast King), DIGIMON (Wormmon, Leomon) and so much more. Along with him another BTVA Awards winning voice actor is Juliet Simmons who will fill us with music and stories from her characters like Chiyo from Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun, Hello Kitty in Hello Kitty & Friends, Midori Tokiwa from Tamako Market, Kurumi for School LIVE, and Nino from Anonymous Noise. You can check out their full bio’s at .