Tabletop Gaming at Game Central

One of the great things about CoreCon is our tabletop gaming room, Game Central! If you have been wanting to run a game or try a new campaign, it’s easy to find players who might want to try something new!  CoreCon has already brought people with similar interests together. Think how long it would take you to find others to play Twilight Imperium if you had to go door to door. Exhausting, right? With CoreCon’s Game Central submission form you can register the game you want to play and the players come to you! Easy as pie, now roll that die. It’s not hard, now draw that card. Fill that sheet, you can’t be beat. You get the point…..I’m stopping before I get in more trouble….#reallybaddadjokes. Have a favorite game you would like to run? Sign up! You’ve never run a certain game before? Sign up for a time and players will be there to play along! Do you just want to make more friends that are passionate about the games you are, too? Then, sign up! 

CoreCon also has an extensive library of tabletop games for kids, teens and adults! While you’re waiting for a campaign to start, check out a quick game. See a game that you’ve wanted to play but weren’t sure about investing in it quite yet? Now’s your chance to decide if it’s worth all of your hard earned monies! Kill time before a guest panel by coming in and checking out a quick game. If you are new or unfamiliar with the length of time a game takes or you’re looking for a new, fast game to play, ask any of our Game Central staff members! Their knowledge is immense! You can even donate your old games (in good condition) to the library so others can enjoy them too! 

Did we convince you to check out Game Central? Yay!! If you are interested in signing up to run a game or campaign, click on the link below.  

Game Central Submission Form

Have fun everyone and Game On! 

CoreCon 12:  “The Great Age of Dragons” will be held May 26-29, 2022 at the Holiday Inn of Fargo. Save money and time not waiting in line by registering online (there we go rhyming again…)! Click here—> Register Here.