Hotel Reservations for 2022

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WAIT! STOP! HALT! Don’t call for your hotel room reservation until you have read the instructions below!

The Fargo Holiday Inn is where CoreCon 12: The Great Age of Dragons will be held. They offer great amenities and even have a flippin’ pirate ship in their pool!  Dragons have been misidentified as sea serpents forever. 

Yes, there will be fan suites and you’ll want to have a room to unwind in after each exciting day of CoreCon!  Not only does the Holiday Inn have great meeting halls, they have wonderful food, and drinks….But, whatever you do, please “DDRD” (Don’t Drink and Ride Dragons)…Call your friendly neighborhood Paladin to bring you back to your chamber at the Inn. Our dragons value everyone’s safety (and theirs).  

The staff at the Holiday Inn are not only accommodating….They’re helpful too! Did you know that you can ask for a “Pillow Menu” for your room? Neither did we until we asked! And they can’t be helpful unless you ask questions, so ask away! By the way, there really is a pillow for any occasion, including sleeping! 

To get CoreCon’s special rates, you MUST follow the instructions below: 

• Call the Fargo Holiday Inn at (701) 282-2700 after 6pm ONLY

• Confirm whether you are speaking to the Fargo Holiday Inn Front Desk or Central Reservation Desk

• If you get the Central Reservation Desk, call back and ask to speak to an agent at the Fargo Holiday Inn directly. 

• Tell the agent that you are a part of “the CoreCon block”

• Inform the agent “Center of the Action”* or “Quiet Area” room preference.
*”Center of the Action” consists of hotel rooms that are closest to all of the CoreCon fun!
**ADA rooms are also available! Please make sure that you ask for one at the time you make your reservation** 

**No pets allowed! – Official service animals are allowed with required documentation** 

• Give the expected nights you are staying and bed preference (CoreCon 2022 is being held May 26th-May 29th).

• Provide credit card and other personal information.  Rooms are $108 per night, plus taxes. Your credit card will not be billed until the event. 

Reservations made on the Holiday Inn website will NOT receive the block rate nor be placed in the CoreCon block.
If you have any questions, contact the CoreCon Hotel Liaison at Once your hotel reservation has been made, the Holiday Inn will email you a confirmation number.  If you do not receive your confirmation number, you will need to contact them directly. CoreCon does not issue these. Contact the Fargo Holiday Inn with any additional concerns you may have regarding your stay there using your confirmation number. For a list of amenities, visit their website at: