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CoreCon is Memorial Day weekend!

Emily says, “Join the Rebel Legion. Stop the Empire!”

With all of the heroic or villainous tasks you have to do on a day-to-day basis, maybe you hadn’t heard, but   CoreCon is changing their dates to Memorial Day Weekend. That’s right! Not just a hotel change but dates, too! The Holiday Inn of Fargo May 24-27th is the place to be!

CoreCon is growing and moving to the Holiday Inn of Fargo with almost double the room. With that comes a date change. What could be better for a four day convention than a three day weekend? [Disclaimer: Not all con-goers are eligible for a three day weekend. Offer not valid in all countries. Check your local area for availability.] There will be some that the date change will effect poorly and we are sorry about that, but the positives will be numerous. Here are some of the main ones:

Many will have Monday off for post-con recovery or drive time back to your home.

If you are a cosplayer or anthropomorphic character, you will appreciate the higher level of air conditioning the Holiday Inn has to offer. This will definitely be a huge plus.

You can plan a family  vacation to attend CoreCon. With more convention space, we can provide more activities for the entire family to enjoy. Children will love Kids CONnection and Teen Terror, while adults can sneak out for some After Dark panels. There’s also a pirate ship in the pool area, making this the dream destination for your entire family!

Don’t have a family or have a family that doesn’t understand the multitudes of fun a convention like ours offers? Conventions are a great place to meet like-minded people. Meet in a panel and then move to the spacious halls and the comfortable seating areas to decide what to do next. Our security  team works hard to make sure CoreCon is a safe space so you can be at ease.

Huge Vendor and Artist Alley spaces will make browsing and shopping that much more comfortable. There may even be enough space to swing a sword you just purchased around! [Disclaimer: Security informed us that even with extra space, you cannot swing a sword in public. Sorry.]

Gaming has always been a big part of CoreCon. Now even the biggest games will fit. We’re also expanding CoreCon’s gaming library, so you should be able to find a game your heart desires.

FanSuites will have more room for  social events. With themed rooms, it is easy to find like-minded friends and have a great time.

With less crowding it means that people in the Quiet Room can stay there and decompress in peace even while gamers in E-Gaming shout at each other in victory or defeat. Everyone can enjoy their space without disturbing anyone else.


Accessibility will be improved with a more modern design. As always, if you have a specific need or concern contact, any of our friendly staff so we can do all we can to make CoreCon safe and accessible for you. [Disclaimer: You can also contact our unfriendly staff, but they may be grumpy while they help you.]

We could have just summed this move up with a shorter blog stating the date and location change, but with the new amenities, we wanted to make sure everyone understood why we had to make the change. We are sad to leave our friends at the Baymont Inn (now the Ramada), but it’s also a great feeling to know we have so many people enjoying CoreCon that we have simply outgrown the old hotel. So come find everyone at the Holiday Inn of Fargo, May 24th-27th, 2018 to enjoy CoreCon X: Return of the Heroes. Revenge of the Villains.

Register early via the CoreCon website. Registering early costs less than later badges, and you can use your savings in the Vendor Room! (Really, you can use them anywhere, but we like what the vendors have to offer.)

The Holiday Inn is just down the road from our last place. Click here for directions.

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