CoreCon’s electronic gaming portal consists of two large rooms packed with a variety of games ranging from classic titles like Pacman and Double Dragon to modern hits like Left 4 Dead and Super Smash Bros. Throughout the weekend you can play any game of your choosing from our large library of games, participate in tournaments, or try to tackle some of our 8-Bit Bounties for instant prizes. We also have a room fully furnished and dedicated for Artemis crews. Any questions, feedback, or suggestions can be sent to

Ms. Pac-Man High Score Tournament

Rewards will be available for the top eight scores. Scores may be submitted any time from noon on Thursday until midnight on Saturday. Visit the room for more details.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Singles Tournament

1v1, No Items, Neutral Stages. A single elimination bracket will be used.

Minecraft Creative Contest

Try to craft a spooky creation in a 30 minute time limit. One submission is allowed per contestant any time from noon on Thursday until midnight on Saturday.

Rock Band 3 Contest

A complete Rock Concert style competition in which participants can be judged by either skill or stage performance. Bands must consist of at least three members, however you may still sign up to start a new band and we will recruit for you!

8-Bit Bounties

What might be best thought of as retro achievements, our 8-Bit Bounties offer up challenges for attendees in games for classic systems like the NES and the Atari 2600. For the less confrontational gamer, these challenges present a chance to win various prizes even outside of tournaments. We will have new bounties posted each day, so come stop by for more details!


Two* nerds enter, one nerd leaves! Players are pit against one another for 30 minutes in a game chosen by fate. When the time is up, the battle is over and a champion is born. After the dust has settled, the victor shall be granted due glory and fortune. *Quantity of combatants may vary

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