Missing your Con friends? We can help.

The Inner Core (CoreCon Staff) miss the fun and unique characters that make up the fan base of Fargo CoreCon. So we have set up a voice channel on our Discord Server just to chat.

Discord is free to use. If you have a headset with mic and headphones you can chat on your computer. If you don’t want to go that route you can download the Discord App on your phone. Once you have an account set up just click on the Discord button above and you will be magically teleported to CoreCon’s Discord server via the interwebs.

Navigating Discord appears difficult at first but it is easy after a few uses. The pictures along the far left are the servers. Once you have selected the CoreCon server the list of available channels are named. The hashtag “#” in front of a channel means it is for typing texts and sharing pictures. Pausing, pausing, pausing. Sorry, we waited for you to finish looking at the pet channel. The channels with a 🔊 in front means it is an audio channel and you can talk and game with others. You can even share your screen with others in the voice chat.

CoreCon is always trying to make its conventions a safe space for all. On a server people can still be bullies sometimes. If you have problems with someone’s behavior it is easy to report it. In any of the # text channels if you type @Moderator a list will appear of CoreCon moderators. If they are on line you can instantly message them. If they are not online just type a message after the @Moderator and it will be sent to them. Remember just because you are hiding behind a user name it doesn’t mean you can be uncivil.

CoreCon will have some organized meetups where people can gather and talk about past conventions. Join us 03/28/2021 at 1pm for a social event hosted by the people who bring you “Super Friendly Friend Making Friends of all Sorts”. If you want to have an impromptu chat feel free to invite others to the 🔊social channel. It is a public space and maybe other CoreCon fans will join in.

There is hope that the pandemic is winding down as more people are vaccinated, but not soon enough for us to risk having an in person convention this year. You can still hang out with your con friends in the mean time. We hope you have a great time with them on the CoreCon Server.