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The Showdown is about to start! The Monsters and Mechs will be battling at the Baymont Inn of Fargo June 8-11, 2017. While the battle rages on, you need to stop gawking and get your butt in the Gaming Central Hazard Shelter!

The Gaming Central Hazard Shelter is  your safety from the hazards and pitfalls of the Monsters and Mechs battling just outside. We have ourselves a premium amount of dedicated tabletop space for games! Secure your spot not just for table space but your very survival. Many wayward gamers will take refuge with us, and there might not be room for everyone, but if you sign up to run a game, you will have your safety in the Gaming Central Hazard Shelter reserved.

What you need to do is simple.

At the bottom of this blog post is a signup form to run games at CoreCon IX, Monster vs Mechs. Pick your favorite game and let us know you want to run it for your fellow con-goers seeking shelter in the Gaming Central Hazard Shelter.  Remember, this is not just for role-playing games. You can sign up to run anything: board games, card games, miniatures, role-playing games, and everything in-between.

When you sign up to run a game, you get some great benefits along with the fun that you bring fellow gamers.  First off, everyone that runs at least one game will earn themselves a special Limited Edition CoreCon IX dice.  Second, you guarantee yourself a table for your game.  With attendance growing each year, pickup games can sometimes be hard to secure space for, so reserving a spot by signing up makes sure you will not be short a table when it comes time to trounce your friends.

We do not have forever, though; the deadline to make it in the program guide is March 31st.

Ensure your safety! Sign Up to Run a Game!

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  1. Garrett Nathan

    Would a game of Axis and Allies be allowed or is it just usual stuff like 40k, DnD, Pathfinder etc?

    1. Douglas Beierle

      “Hey Garrett! Great question, and a very simple answer. We love all kinds of different games and like to see variety in what is being run. So yes Axis and Allies is very much a cool thing to have there. I want to make sure that we represent all the different tastes and flavors if you will in the gaming community. Please fill out the form if you are willing to run it and we’ll find others who enjoy it also.

      -Jerad, Lead Engineer, Gaming Hazard Shelter.”

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