404 Con not found

404 Con not found? Actually Morpheus can find us. Tron can find us. Sword Art Online can find us. In reality you don’t need to be in a sci-fi series to find us. Just a phone, tablet or computer will do. In fact here is an amazing schedule of gloriousness. Click here for the schedule.

May 28th through may 30th CoreCon has put together some great programming for an online convention. We know, we know “Virtual Cons aren’t the same.” We have heard that before but luckily for you we don’t listen well.

Twitch and Discord will be our main mode of virtualness (spell check BITE ME). Twitch is so easy, even for low tech people. Just type https://www.twitch.tv/fargocorecon. If that is to hard just stab, push jab or click on the link above and the magical leprechauns will take you there. We will have all day programming. Twitch is great for watching and listening to Guests and panels. Discord takes a bit more techiness, but isn’t hard once you have tried. It is more interactive in that you can join the chats. Game online interactively with groups. Ask the panel presenter questions. You can even mute that annoying Dug or Wilme when the jokes get too much. Click here for CoreCon’s discord server and a brief overview.

So yes, virtual con’s just aren’t the same, but we will have ways to socialize with your con friends. Sing Karaoke. Play games. Ohh and Ahh over the guests and everything that you love about con. Plus you don’t have to wear pants or get con crud.