Explore Space With The Artemis Simulator

Take control of a ship to help kill the monsters roaming in Fargo and save the city at CoreCon: Monsters Vs. Mechs.

New races and ships are available this year! Even if you’ve played Artemis in the past, this can be a new experience with a ship like the Juggernaut.

The crew includes:

  • The navigator who hopefully knows left from right and takes the crew on adventure. Steer towards the danger and become a hero or steer away from it and run like a scared cat. We won’t judge. Promise.
  • The weapons officer gets to blast the bad guys out of the water with laser cannons, missiles and nukes.
  • The science officer is your person in the crows nest. They scan other ships for weaknesses and keep tabs on your allies.
  • The communication officer signals friendly ships to get out of danger and can taunt the bad guys with insults or terms of surrender.
  • The engineer directs energy to the stations needing power the most. They can help tip the scale between victory and defeat in a battle.
  • The fighter is a new crew member. They can man their own small ship to help defend your captain’s ship and kill the enemies.

A team of six is best but Artemis can be played by as little as three. If you have never played, come to the training sessions Friday and/or Saturday from noon to 1 pm. If you can’t make it then, you are welcome to watch other crews to learn. Sign your team up on the convenient sign in sheet.

The ships will be flying:

  • Thursday: 9 pm to 2 am
  • Friday: noon to 2 am
  • Saturday: noon to 2 am

There will be an Artemis tournament beginning on Saturday at 1 pm and continuing until 10 pm. With multiple rooms running Artemis, you will still be able to play impromptu runs while the tournaments are going on.


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