The CoreCon Schedule App Is Live!

Check out the schedu­le at:  corecon2017.­

Make sure to save the app to your cell’s homepage so you don’t miss anything!

We will be updating a few things as CoreCon IX grows closer, but now you can see some of what CoreCon IX has to offer!

  • Create your own sche­dule, so you don’t miss our Guest Panels.
  • Know when deliciousness will be served at Gus’ Galaxy Diner.
  • Need a movie break? Search by Type: TV & Movie Buffs.
  • Want to know when yo­ur favorite Fansuite or gaming room open­s? Search by Type: Info.
  • Know which events are for Kids, Teens, and Adults Only (18+).

Now each event has a Feedback Forum to let us know instantly how you liked a panel, room, or event! Share your thoughts with us to continue to make CoreCon a success!

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  1. BrittanyAoi

    Does this con host any card gaming events such as Magic the Gathering? Is there any specific MTG open gaming…?

    1. Douglas Beierle

      “Well then, we always welcome fellow mages to grace the confines of the Gaming Central Hazard Shelter. We have not had anyone step forward to organize anything official but we normally do see several small groups break out over the weekend.

      Jerad, Lead Engineer, Gaming Central Hazard Shelter”

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