CoreCon’s Security Team

Our volunteers take many things into account when arranging events for the convention, and the biggest one is safety. We don’t want anyone getting hurt, so we do everything we can to prepare for the worst. While our medical team focuses on any potential medical emergencies, the security team works on arranging emergency safety plans.

CoreCon has many protocols in place thanks to our security team. They work with the hotel to find out what some of their policies are then build on them to incorporate the convention’s needs. In the case of a missing child this past year, the security team was able to contain the situation and find the child without panicking the attendees or alerting a potential predator that we were trying to locate them. Fires, tornadoes, and active shooters are some of the other things they plan for every year.

While the security team does some preparation leading up to CoreCon, most of their work happens during the actual event. Every incident that gets reported to the team is recorded and discussed after the convention. We can see if there were repeat offenders or things we need to prepare for the next year.

We ask attendees to remain civil and behave appropriately, even if you dislike someone. Usually when security is called, it’s due to a small dispute that can be settled through discussion. These issues are still taken seriously and noted, and we are always happy when a compromise can be reached, but some things are just not con-related and should not need to be handled by the security team. The convention should be a safe space for everyone, but you may not always be surrounded by people you like. It’s when someone is a danger to others that we will want to know and handle it. Rarely has our security team had to remove someone from the premises, but if you cannot play nice, that is definitely what will happen.

It’s important to remember that the security team is comprised of volunteers. Their goal is not to ruin your fun but to ensure everyone has a good time and not at the expense of others. Though they are well trained, they are not the police. With any very serious incidents, they will notify the hotel staff and the police, fire department, and/or ambulance if warranted. They will do everything possible to contain a situation until emergency services arrive.

Please thank our security volunteers when you attend CoreCon X. They will work closely with the staff of The Holiday Inn of Fargo so that everyone can enjoy their fandoms without worry.

Check out blogs from the rest of the CoreCon Justice Team when they are published! We will have one for each team that works to keep you extra safe: Medical, Security, Operations, and Accessibility. The Operations and Medical blogs are already up!

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