CoreCon’s Accessibility Team

Everyone has a weakness, even superheroes. Superman’s is kryptonite. Daredevil’s is loud noises. Green Lantern’s is… the color yellow?

We want to make sure that whatever your weakness is, it won’t ruin your fun at CoreCon X. That’s where the accessibility department comes in.

The accessibility department tries to identify whatever might hinder someone’s enjoyment of the convention. Here are some of the things they do:

  • The accessibility team takes into account people with physical disabilities that hinder their mobility when approving room layouts. They need to make sure that the aisles have plenty of space for a wheelchair or a blind person with a cane and that there is a ramp to get onstage. (Last year’s ramp was donated by our charity, Freedom Resource Center!) CoreCon is more concerned with everyone’s comfort than maximizing revenue by cramming attendees in too close.
  • They ensure that known food allergens are labeled in the fansuites and food room.
  • The team ensures that there is good audio at each of the panels to assist with those who are hard of hearing.
  • The slideshows during opening and closing ceremonies are clear and concise so those with hearing loss can still follow along.

The quiet room was an addition to last year’s convention that was very well received and will continue in the future. It was a way for attendees to escape the chaos that comes with CoreCon and just hang out in an area with minimal noise. The accessibility team provided coloring books, stuff animals, geeky puzzles, and sensory bottles to let people relax for a while without having to be bored.

CoreCon also has a service that allows for non-profits that help people with disabilities to get their clients into CoreCon for a very discounted rate. The client can come to the convention for free on Thursday and Friday from noon to 5 PM. Their accompanying staff will only need to pay $5. We have already reached out to several local agencies that may benefit from this. If you are a part of an agency or know someone who may benefit from this service as well, please contact

Don’t feel ashamed to let us know what your kryptonite is, and the accessibility team will do everything in their power to prevent you from coming into contact with it. One person at a sister con had a latex allergy so severe that they had a reaction to balloons that were popped in a room. If we know ahead of time, we can do everything we can to let you know where you may encounter your allergic triggers. You can contact the accessibility team at

Have a safe and fun  CoreCon X: Return of the Heroes, Revenge of the Villains at the Holiday Inn of Fargo May 24th-27th, 2018!

Check out blogs from the rest of the CoreCon Justice Team when they are published! We will have one for each team that works to keep you extra safe: Medical, Security, Operations, and Accessibility. Go read the OperationsMedical, and Security blogs if you haven’t already!

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