Fansuites? More like FUNSUITES!

Have you ever considered being a host and running a Fansuite? Or maybe you’re just curious to know what they’re all about? Here’s everything you need to know about what makes these fan-run con experiences so magical!

Gilderoy Lockhart was available for autographs in the Hogwarts Teachers Lounge at CoreCon IX.

As you walk around CoreCon, you’ve probably noticed certain hotel rooms that you can just… walk right in, take in the atmosphere, and revel in the theme of the room. They are basically little theme parks that we refer to as “Fansuites.” A Fansuite is a way for the host to celebrate a fandom or an idea for a room with other con-goers. 

Every bit of awesome-ness you see in each Fansuite was designed specifically by those con-goers. These rooms are for people who really want to share an idea with their fellow attendees and let them have just as much fun as they do at CoreCon.

Things are more exciting than ever this year with our new location, and we are happy to announce that there are still a few Fansuites open to be reserved for CoreCon! Hosting a Fansuite gives you two CoreCon badges for the entire event plus allows you the option of decorating the Fansuite for that special fandom you want to celebrate!

[Disclaimer: Decorations have to be within reason, of course. We can’t let you destroy the room by punching holes in the wall and screaming, “IT’S DYSTOPIAN!!!” We have to make sure the rooms can return to normal afterwards so the hotel will let us have our convention there next year. Makes sense? Good.]

Hosts are able to get into their rooms early on Wednesday evening to start transforming them into their vision and show con-goers what their Fansuite is all about. You set your schedule for times to be open, and away you go!

Fansuites are an amazing way to celebrate not only fandoms but the con itself! Come celebrate with us!

To apply to run your own suite or get more information, visit the Fansuites webpage or message the Fansuites team at

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