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Core Con Costume Contest and Children’s Masquerade

The CoreCon Costume Contest is the time when convention attendees get to highlight all the hard work that goes into costuming. The fun begins on Saturday afternoon with a masquerade for children. The children’s masquerade is a fun event where anyone under the age of 12 can show off their awesome costumes. There’s no formal judging, just judges who can give you tips and information on how to get into costuming. This is the place where CoreCon Kids can get their feet wet without having to walk through the main competition in front of a large audience.

The adult costume contest takes place on Saturday night and is one of the most attended events. This is an opportunity to put your cosplay and original costume design skills on display. Although considered the adult contest, there is no age limit and we have had several of our younger fans show what they have on stage. If you have a costume you want to share with the con, registration is available online at For those who have homemade costumes and want their workmanship judged, there is an additional judging session on Saturday morning. If you have serious sewing skills or crazy carpentry clout, let the world (or at least the convention) know it!

The contest is low pressure and fun for those who watch and those who attend. You can walk up and pose for a second or you can storm the stage and show off all your skills. Be fun, be silly, be serious, but just be yourself and have a good time while you do it.


If you haven’t decided before you get to the Con if you want to be in the contest, have no fear. There will be a registration table available for you during the days leading up to Saturday. The contest maxes out at 40 contestants, so if you do know you want to participate register early! [If you do register Saturday morning, you most likely won’t be able to register for workmanship judging at the Con.]

So bring your skills, bring your fun, and bring your friends to the Costume Contest!

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