Cosplay Focus: Eric Wilme

Wilme PirateIt’s very apparent when Eric Wilme walks into our convention. Everyone begins shouting, “WILME!” His enthusiastic exuberance is a welcome sight and turns the con fun-meter up a few notches. After winning the 2016 CoreCon Costume Contest Historical Captain’s Award with his friend Casey, he has a few things to say about cosplay.

CoreCon: Why do you cosplay?

Wilme: Cosplay is a celebration of Fandom! It calls to other people who love what you love. It’s a great ice breaker and a way to find like-minded people! Also, it’s fun! You get to be someone, or something, other than yourself!

CoreCon: How detailed does a costume need to be?

Wilme: Details are important if I am cosplaying someone specific. I think it shows respect for the original creators. It shows dedication to really “nail” the look.

CoreCon: Can you cross a line with too much detail?

Wilme: I don’t think a cosplay [costume] is ever finished, just done for now. The details can be tweaked and changed an infinite number of times to get different effects. The only line for having too much detail, I think, is financial. Don’t spend your baby’s milk money on a detail.

CoreCon: Have you ever experienced any negativity while cosplaying?

Wilme: I haven’t personally had any negativity happen to me whilst cosplaying, but it is a huge problem. If I am brave enough to dress and act like a character I love, you do not have the right to belittle me. Also, cosplay is not consent!

Ripped bodily from Wilme's facebook
Picture stolen from Eric Wilme’s Facebook account.

CoreCon: What has been your favorite cosplay moment?

Wilme: “My favorite cosplay moment was trying to convince everyone that my shoulder dragon was actually a parrot.”

CoreCon: Tell us about your costume for the 2016 Costume Contest.

Wilme: CoreCon 2016 ‘On Ancient Seas’ Pirates! Yarr! I have been wearing a version of this cosplay for years. It is a cobbled together mishmash of clothing that, I think, a real pirate would have — pillaging interesting pieces and wearing them as souvenirs. Of course. a pirate needs a parrot. My shoulder dragon worked great as one. He is a Drabbit by Imaginarium Galleries. I adopted him at the MN Renaissance Faire a few years ago. My hat was also purchased at the Faire. Everything else was acquired online.

Make sure to check out what shenanigans “Wilme” will be up to at CoreCon IX: Monsters vs. Mechs June 8-11 at the Baymont Inn & Suites of Fargo.

P.S. When interviewing Wilme and complimenting him about his quote, “If I am brave enough to dress and act like a character I love, you do not have the right to belittle me,” he said he was going to say, “If I am brave enough to dress and act like a character I love, you do not have the right to be a dick about it,” but he thought that may be rude. Rudeness or not, CoreCon says, “Spot on, Wilme. Spot on.”


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