Inclusivity is a strong part of Fargo CoreCon

Fargo CoreCon Cares

CoreCon has always cared about their fans. Heck, CoreCon is made up of fans running the convention for fans. The staff of CoreCon is a very diverse group and work hard to help everyone to be included.

With the pandemic and being responsible by not having an in person convention in 2020 we have had the time to restructure and make improvements. Among the many projects CoreCon has reassigned their head positions. In the past, three Consuls (The main leaders) had controlled the overview and direction. Many hands make a work load lighter and now there are seven leads to help manage the myriad of details needed to make a successful convention.

The seven are named after ROYGBIV, the colors of the rainbow to remind us of the LBGTQ+ community as well as other groups that may be bullied and ostracized in daily life. We frown strongly on bullying of any kind, whether towards race, religion, nerd bashing or any unacceptable behavior at all. This also includes being proactive in accessibility options so that low vision/blind, hard of hearing, autistic, mobility and other obstacles are overcome so that anyone can enjoy the wonderful activities CoreCon brings to the community.

Quiet rooms for the overstimulated, large print program guides for those that need it, stage ramps for wheel chairs, food allergy listings, and clear audio reinforcement for hard of hearing are many of the past examples of how CoreCon cares for others. This year we will be adding BRAILLE dice to the gaming room, and an innovative system so that blind/low vision attendees can enjoy games like Ultimate Werewolf and other games that previously were not inclusive for them. (Click for more details)

If you or someone you knows needs special assistance we will do everything within our power to help you enjoy our convention. You don’t need to purchase a second badge for a special needs handler. If you have ideas for improvements we would also like to hear them. Contact us at