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Social Experiment #38

In an experiment to determine if certain species have a natural or nurtured dislike for each other, many separate groups were brought together for four days in 2016 and were observed by scientists. The results were astounding.

The experiment began June 9th 2016 and lasted 4 days. The first group studied were the DC comic book group in a room full of Marvel  fans. There was a great deal of tension for the first few minutes when someone in a low voice said “I am Batman”… The threatening voice sent chills down everyone’s spines and tensions went even higher. The tension built until someone countered with “Hulk Smash!”. The observational scientists knew this was about to turn bad. Then amazingly everyone laughed and had a good time because they were at CoreCon. At CoreCon people can have their own likes and tastes and still be friends.

Similar results were found with the Star Trek and Star Wars groups.  Both sides were told by the internet you can only love one or the other. CoreCon didn’t care and brought both groups together anyway. Although the scientists did state one group had more “family issues” than the other they still got along and enjoyed every minute.

So the results clearly state that CoreCon is a magical place full of different ideas and thoughts and people can  have a great time together. Check out CoreCon IX: Monsters vs. Mechs and whether you take sides with the monster who is maybe just looking for it’s baby, or possibly you’ll side with the Mechs which are just people trying to protect themselves, either way you will have a great time at CoreCon IX at the Bayomnt Inn and Suites of Fargo, June 8th through the 11th.


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