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Anime Fargo is turning 3!

Some of the people of CoreCon helped a while back with the birth of Anime Fargo . CoreCon is proud to announce she is running on her own and is going to be three years old in September. Their theme this year is “Kawaii Invasion” which is a type of cuteness factor in Japan which really fits turning three. An entire convention devoted to Anime is just what Fargo needed.

With amazing party rooms, raves, a ton of panels, anime viewing rooms, and voice actors from your favorite anime and video games, Anime Fargo is a must attend convention. Yes there will be gaming, and e-gaming, as well as an exciting Artist Alley and Vendor room plus so much more. This year should be full of  fun surprises. Anime Fargo isn’t only about Anime as they celebrate Manga and far east culture as well.

The guests this year for Anime Fargo held at the Baymont Inn & Suites on Sepember 23-25, 2016 have voiced movies, animated series, as well as video games. So even if you aren’t a huge anime fan you’re probably familiar with some of their work.

Not as serious in person as his picture may suggest. Photo credit: Neil Reinhold

Paul St Peter (who was at CoreCon XIII) has voiced KINGDOM HEARTS (Xemnas), NARUTO (Nine Tail Fox), ROBOTECH (Zor Prime), BLEACH (Yammy), WORLD OF WARCRAFT (Boden The Imposing), DYNASTY WARRIORS I-IV (Yuan Shao), DIGIMON (KOKOMON), ZETMAN (Sugito), MAJIN (Majin), and RESIDENT EVIL 5 (Swahili Zombie). Paul has comical voices too, from COWBOY BEBOP (Punch) to DIGIMON WARRIORS (Wormmon). Among his other game, anime, and feature anime credits are GURREN LAGAAN (Jorgun), THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO (Mondego), MONSTER (Dr. Reichwein), PAPRIKA (Konakawa), LUPIN III The Secret of Mamo (Mamo), DURARARA (Higa), X-COM (Dr. Heinrich), BATTLE B-DAMON (Armada), DIABLO III (Demented Spirit), and DEFIANCE (Burgess). He has recently wrapped work on MONSTER STRIKE (Death Panda), DRAKENGARD 3 (Michael the Dragon), JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURES (Dire/Jack/Wamuu), and NARUTO 7 (Kuruma).

Her spare time is devoted to gaming, e-gaming and watching Monday RAW. She also cosplays with The Heroes of Texas.

It’s Caitlynn French! Caitlynn is new to the scene, having debuted in 2012 as (Qumola) from BOOK OF BANTORRA. She’s ran the ropes and trained hard to conquer roles such as (Hana Isuzu) GIRLS UND PANZER, (Matsurika Shinouji) MARIA-HOLIC, MARIA-HOLIC ALIVE, (Tina Sprout) BLACK BULLET, (Mei Tachibana) SAY “I LOVE YOU”, (Mio and Midori Nishizono) LITTLE BUSTERS, LITTLE BUSTERS REFRAIN, (Sakura Inami) BEYOND THE BOUNDARY, (Ai Astin) SUNDAY WITHOUT GOD and (Miyu Edelfelt) FATE/KALEID LINER PRISMA ILLYA. She is most known as the voice behind the tiny genius (Shiro), 1/2 of the infamous duo in NO GAME NO LIFE.


“Tia is a good person and if you don’t love her you’re probably a jerk.”-Tia’s best friend.  “So, Tia dresses up like Mickey Mouse or something at these conventions? I don’t get it.” -Tia’s brother.  “Tia is delicious!” -A cannibal

This year, Tia Ballard continues to provide the voices for (Happy the Cat) FAIRY TAIL, (Nanami) KAMISAMA KISS, (Yoshino/Yoshinon) DATE A LIVE, (Hannah) ATTACK ON TITAN, (Marron) DRAGON BALL Z, (Komari) LITTLE BUSTERS!, Hitoe (WIXOSS), and (Elizabeth / Ticy) FREEZING, while also picking up colorful characters such as (Aligura) BLOOD BLOCKADE BATTLEFRONT, (Amira) RAGE OF BAHAMUT, (Miss Becky) NP RIN, (Tifa Lockhart) SCREWATTACK DEATH BATTLE, (Kittsun) SHOW BY ROCK!!, (Dorothy) DIVINE GATE, (Titta) LORD MARKSMAN AND VANADIS, (Young Kisumi, Chigusa) FREE!, (Arthur) GANGSTA, (Misora) SKY WIZARDS ACADEMY, (Peashy) HYPERDIMENSION NEPTUNIA: THE ANIMATION, (Koutaro) ULTIMATE OTAKU TEACHER, and (Taichi) SERAPH OF THE END, among others. Tia has also given voices to (Mizore) ROSARIO + VAMPIRE, (Porche, young Zephyr) ONE PIECE, (Chiho) THE DEVIL IS A PART TIMER, (Hibana) DEADMAN WONDERLAND, (Midori) EVANGELION, (Elska) KARNEVAL, (Shao May) FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD, (Eris) CAT PLANET CUTIES, (Rea) SANKAREA, (Hare) GUILTY CROWN, (Megumi) SHIKI, (Kusano) SEKEREI, (Melody Honey / Rei) SGT. FROG, (Maria) TECHNI MUYO! WAR ON GEMINAR, (Rin) RIDEBACK, (O-Nui) OH! EDO ROCKET, (Domino, Kimiko, Marianne, Chalciuhtlicue) SHAKUGAN NO SHANA.

Anime Fargo will be hosted by “The Kamikaze Snowmen” who have been amazingly fun for CoreCon and Anime Fargo in the past. After such a tremendous track record they are destined to fail sometime. Will this be the one where they crash and burn? You’ll have to attend to find out if Paul falls off the stage! If they aren’t enough to rave to your friends about then join us for a “Rave” with DJ Magic Hat. With so much going on you are destined to have a great time so join us at Anime Fargo: Kawaii Invasion at the Baymont Inn and Suites, Sept 23-25, 2016.









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