Connecting people online

CoreCon is a place for people to meet friends with similar interests. Whether at a themed fansuite, in exciting gaming areas or finding the subjects that are of interest at panels and NOW online at CoreCon Discord.

CoreCon is working on building an interactive community online. We are setting up a Discord Server to bring people together. There will be channels for Cosplayers to share works in progress or to show their completed outfits. Places for egamers and board gamers to find others playing the games that they are. Places to post past con pictures for when you feel nostalgic. Voice channels for interacting with others in our community (Among Us anyone?) and ways to share thoughts and ideas with CoreCon for future conventions. This will be a great way to keep people connected and meet new people with similar interests at any time, not just during the convention.

Discord is a little bit of a learning curve but remember it gets easier and has many beneficial features. You are able to mute things you aren’t interested in to focus on the things you are. You can speak with people in groups while playing or socializing. Here is a beginning guide to help you. Discord Beginning Guide. If you prefer videos here is a good one. Discord for Dummies. Once you get the hang of Discord you can easily be updated on the groups and ideas that are current to your interests. You can contribute and communicate with others to help strengthen your community. Remember there is strength in numbers.

We miss all of our CoreCon fans and are hoping all of you will join our Discord Server so we can be together while we are apart. Join our CoreCon Discord.

We hope that all of you are staying safe. Know that we miss all of our unique, crazy, weird, nerdy friends. If you are struggling please communicate with us, remember you are not alone. If things are very dire please see our Suicide Prevention post and use their phone line. You are important to us.

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