CoreCon and Covid

Fargo CoreCon is going to be in person May 26-29, 2022. It will be so good to be back in person. We have missed you and virtual just wasn’t the same convention we all have come to love.

Will CoreCon be the same as it was? There will have to be some differences. The pandemic has caused the whole world to change. Although some act like the pandemic isn’t a big deal, it is. Most conventioneers have experienced con crud from attending conventions but this new one is serious. Missing a week of work or landing in the hospital are real possibilities.

CoreCon has always cared deeply about our guests and are always concerned about their health and well being. We have councilors and medics at the convention and work to make CoreCon as accessible as possible for everyone. Conventions around the nation are asking for proof of vaccination and or a negative Covid test before attending and it has been working well for them. Will CoreCon ask for those safety standards? We would like to but ND law makes that unlawful. Will we still have safety standards in place? We will do our very best to protect our guests and fans. We encourage everyone who is able to get their vaccine and boosters to do it. Social distancing, disinfection, and requesting (proper) masks be in place are some of the procedures we can do to make it as safe as possible. Read CoreCon’s Covid policy here. Also if Covid and its strains follow previous seasons May should be at a lower rate of spread.

So what changes will you see? Nothing that will affect the CoreCon you have come to love. The minor differences will be more spacing in the vendor room, and also in the gaming rooms and panels. You’ll see more alcohol around the convention but much of it will be for disinfection. Remember some people look better in masks, and we are still going to have a wonderful convention. The Great Age of Dragons at the Holiday Inn of Fargo is coming up. Get your badges now. Registration.