Be Different!

There are debates among nerds over all sorts of things. Is Star Trek better than Star Wars? Did Han shoot first? What was up with the ending of Inception? Even though some things can be settled with facts, these fights will still continue because of how passionate we are about our fandoms. And that’s fine. We don’t mind healthy arguments and debates. It’s when you cross into the area of straight up bullying someone that we get really angry. And you wouldn’t like us when we’re angry.

CoreCon was started by friends who loved different things, including sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and anime. Having a way to showcase each of these loves at the same convention is what made CoreCon really take off. It was a way to bring together various groups who might be exposed to other things and possibly love them, too. The thing that really tied the group together was their passion for the things they loved, even if those things were different.

But being different can be difficult. People tend to judge and ridicule differences. So many of our attendees have stories of people being mean to them because they liked something unconventional.

You can be different while at CoreCon. Wear fuzzy slippers while you game. Put on a cape before going to a panel. Argue with someone about whether Superman or Batman is better. As long as you aren’t “harshing someone else’s groove,” most anything goes.

Bullying is not tolerated at our convention. We will deal with any reports we get, sometimes going as far as to remove someone’s badge. Our team just wants everyone to have a great time and feel included.

Is our system perfect? No. Our staff is made up of fans from every walk of life. They are individuals with varying degrees of backgrounds and upbringings. But they all try. And we get better every year. From anti-harassment policies to unisex bathrooms to a designated quiet room, we hope people will feel comfortable with us.

Be different, be safe, and be having fun at CoreCon X!

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