Karaoke Frequently Asked Questions

As your Awesome Karaoke DJ, I’d like to address some common questions people ask me.

Question: Can more than one person sing at a time?

Answer: Yes! We have two mics for just that reason! Heck, you can sing with a whole group of friends! (I know you’ve been practicing an ensemble performance of ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno.’) The only caveat is there might not be enough room for dance routines or choreography. 

Question: What if I don’t know what to sing?

Answer: Here are a couple suggestions for you:

  • Check the catalog! Follow the QR code on the back of the request form to view the catalog. It has lists by genre, new releases, #1 hits, etc.
  • Ask Google! Search for phrases like “Karaoke crowd pleasers,” “Best karaoke songs for this year,” “Best karaoke songs for women.” 
  • Ask your favorite AI bot! ChatGPT can give you all kinds of suggestions, and you can narrow it down by range, time period, genre, whatever you like.

Question: What if I mess up?

Answer: I will try and help you as best as I can. If I can tell you are struggling, I will add the main vocals back in. That’s only a formality though, since I’m usually singing along anyway. And this is partly why I have the lyrics visible for everyone. I want to encourage singing along. Or if you miss your entrance, I can always restart the song for you.