Panels: Make Friends and Share Knowledge

Panels are one of the biggest parts of any convention. These are scheduled slots of time in which a group of people can reserve a room and do… well, pretty much anything they want (within reason). The panel is advertised in the program guide and heralded throughout the convention, so other attendees can join the fun. They’re the best way for people with common interests to come together and discuss them. 

One of the signature aspects of CoreCon is our diverse range of panels.  Panels are a great place to expand your knowledge of gaming, cosplay, science, or geek culture.  You are sure to be enlightened, amused, and entertained.

Panels take a variety of formats from presentations to demonstrations to games with the audience.  While the focus of this year’s CoreCon is comic book heroes and villains, panels do not have to be limited to that topic.  Topics can touch on any aspect of fandom, literature, or science.  Highlights from past years include:

  • Cosplay Chess
  • The Science of Bug Eyed Monsters
  • Speed-Friending
  • The Canon of Doctor Who
  • Saturday Morning Cartoons – From the Past to the Future
  • Collaborating in Speculative Fiction

Panels are a great venue to share your love of fandom with others. While we get a lot of suggestions for panels we should have at our convention, CoreCon is a completely volunteer-run organization. We need to find people who want to put the time and effort into doing those panels. Maybe you’re one of them! If you would like to host your own panel at CoreCon X: Return of the Heroes, Revenge of the Villains, the Registration Form can be found on our website. The submission deadline is February 28th, 2018.

If you have any questions, you can reach Panels at

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