Panels at CoreCon

Panels are truly a great part of CoreCon. Where else can the title of a panel tell you where your friends are, even the ones you haven’t met yet?

Anime Dance

The people and groups that put on panels for CoreCon deserve a huge amount of respect. Few of them have formal public speaking experience and are presenting because of their motivation for the topic at hand. This love of a genre shows in their presentation. Most will allow open question and answer periods so be respectful and don’t interrupt during the presentation. It’s OK to question thoughts and fan theories, it gets everyone thinking in new ways, but don’t be a troll or spiteful as it only makes you look bad.

If you have a love of a specific item relating to CoreCon’s four pillars (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Anime, Horror) feel free to apply for a panel time. Go to our website and fill in the simple form. Plan your panel and decide if you want to include props, signs, or media. Be careful of copyrights though as you need special permissions to show media clips and such.  If your presentation is more of a lecture than a panel remember even though attendees love to learn they like to be entertained as well. Remember to thank the panelists and if you are a presenter thank you so much for sharing your time and talents.

Gerald Fauske, Bug Eyed Monsters

If you have questions or even need help planning or developing your panel please reach out to Brian, CoreCon’s Panel Conchair. He has more knowledge than four editions of Trivial Pursuit© and is very easy to work with. He wants your panel to go as well as you do.

It will be great to see you at 2017 CoreCon IX: Monsters vs. Mechs




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