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Fansuites and Consuites. What’s the Difference?

Fansuites have always been a go to place for most attendees of CoreCon. The games, movies, activities, challenges, and party vibes are a great time for all. A huge thank you goes out to the people who host a room.

The fansuite hosts are amazing people. They spend their time and money to throw a party for others. The rooms are open to friends and strangers alike. Maybe one of their motivations is converting the strangers over to new friends? With their brilliant themes and decorations it is like a mini con within the con. Maybe they are going to start their own con? After all that is how CoreCon started. Regardless they are there to show you a great time and are so appreciated by everyone.

DSC_0771The Fairy Room has been with CoreCon since its first year and deserve a huge mention, their friendly and relaxed atmosphere always makes them a must to visit. “The Hole” is becoming a regular, with cockroach races being a huge draw, as a result they won 2nd place for the second year. “Stormborn Hall” brought Vikings (the original pirates). “Neverland” run by the 1st place winners of 2015, appealed to children of all ages with coloring contests as well as a scavenger hunt.”The Zoo” caters to the “Furries” bringing the party to them so they don’t shed everywhere. “Within Shadows Reach” hosted and recruited players for the local “Vampire the Masquerade” LARP.”Dead Pool’s Apartment” was classic. “S.O.L” showed Mystery Science Theater 3000 and “Anime Fargo’s Crew Quarters” was a small taste of their convention. “Brethren of the Spanish Main” was run by a local author of a pirate book series by the same title.DSC_0615
“Castle Forester” whipped up pancakes and movies in a family friendly room and “The Black Pearl” was as piratey as can be. “Class E” from Minneapolis took 3rd place and was classy. “Buermann Presents: the Worst Fansuite” was incredibly well done for newbies, which led them to take 1st place.

So what is a Consuite? They are hosted and funded by CoreCon itself. They are not competing in the best fansuite contest. CoreCon feels they just need to be, so they are. “The Kid’s CONnection” and “Teen Terrors” cater to younger fans and help create “Safe Spaces”. “Artemis Bridge Simulator” is just a great group game and hard to host without a bunch of people backing it up. “The Dutch Man’s Oven” (the food room) helps feed the busy staff and fans of CoreCon. “The Karoke Crypt” is brought in by funds from the con because it is just fun. A special mention goes to the “Quest Giver” even though not a room she added a lot of fun to the Con and CoreCon funded her ribbons.

We hope everyone enjoyed the fansuites and consuites for CoreCon XIII: On Ancient Seas and we are anxiously awaiting to see what CoreCon IX: Monsters and Mechs, June 8-11,2017 at the Baymont Inn and Suites of Fargo will bring.

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