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dsc_4756Jason and Dawn Gould won the 2016 CoreCon costume contest award for Best in Theme: Carnival at the End of the World. Jason, the artist, sculptor, and tinkerer, tells us what he thinks of cosplay. Read More »

On November 18th beginning at 4 PM, Paradox Comics-n-Cards will host Buermann Presents Family Quest Knight, a board gaming event with a goal of exposing kids and non-gamers to “Gateway Games.”

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Looking to get some frightening thrills in during the final weekend of October? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

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November 4th is the day when gamers around the country will dedicate 24 hours purely to gaming. While this may not be too different from what these gamers do every day, November 4th is different because they will be raising money for Extra Life and the Children’s Miracle Network. To help people understand how important this event is, we talked to Steve Dekrey, president of the Extra Life Guild of North Dakota. Read More »

The 4th Annual Worst Human Tournament is designed to be as offensive as possible, and it succeeds in doing just that. This is an annual event, and while they have had smaller tournaments throughout past years (like at CoreCon), this will be the only one happening for 2017, so you better be there!  It happens November 11th, and this blog post should provide you with all the information you need to be crowned The Worst Human. Read More »

Check out the schedu­le at:  corecon2017.­

Make sure to save the app to your cell’s homepage so you don’t miss anything!

We will be updating a few things as CoreCon IX grows closer, but now you can see some of what CoreCon IX has to offer!

  • Create your own sche­dule, so you don’t miss our Guest Panels.
  • Know when deliciousness will be served at Gus’ Galaxy Diner.
  • Need a movie break? Search by Type: TV & Movie Buffs.
  • Want to know when yo­ur favorite Fansuite or gaming room open­s? Search by Type: Info.
  • Know which events are for Kids, Teens, and Adults Only (18+).

Now each event has a Feedback Forum to let us know instantly how you liked a panel, room, or event! Share your thoughts with us to continue to make CoreCon a success!

youtube bannerCoreCon has some great panels and guests every year. So many in fact that there is no way a person can attend them all. It’s okay though because our AV team has the talent, the equipment and the drive to cover almost every panel. 2016 Opening Ceremonies, 2016 Costume ContestCurse Like A Pyrate: 2016 With Paul St Peter, Pirates in Literature: 2016 with Terri PrayPutting the Sizzle in the Scene: 2016 with Terri Pray (18+) are a few of the panels from CoreCon VIII: On Ancient Seas that have been edited and are ready to view. More are on the way. Read More »

dscf0614Cosplaying is the art of  bringing the joy a person gets from a fandom to others. Although Jonathan does a variety of cos-plays, he is best known for his larger than life mech costumes. They’re impressive even if you don’t know the fandom.
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Wilme PirateIt’s very apparent when Eric Wilme walks into our convention. Everyone begins shouting, “WILME!” His enthusiastic exuberance is a welcome sight and turns the con fun-meter up a few notches. After winning the 2016 CoreCon Costume Contest Historical Captain’s Award with his friend Casey, he has a few things to say about cosplay.
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BrittneyplusBrittney won the 2016 CoreCon Costume Contest for “Best In Show” as Tigress and feels cosplaying has helped her to be a more confident person. Read More »

Matthew J. Morrison Photo by Matthew J. Morrison

Matthew J. Morrison Photo by Matthew J. Morrison


Meeting new people. That’s why Matthew (or MJ to his friends) cosplays.  Read More »

Panels are truly a great part of CoreCon. Where else can the title of a panel tell you where your friends are, even the ones you haven’t met yet? Read More »

Kid's CONnection

Doctor Who and Companion

Kids can be nerds and geeks, too! That’s why CoreCon has activities for everybody!

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Here are the winners and more from the 2016 CoreCon Costume Contest. You can see the craftsmanship and love of cosplay in everyone’s work. A picture is worth a thousand words and each of our costumers deserve a thousand thanks for their hard work and dedication to the craft. Read More »

DSC_0168You can conquer your video games at home, read comics in your bedroom, game at the kitchen table, and watch movies in the living room. Let’s face it, if someone would bring you food you would never have to leave the house. Our convention is so much more than just doing those things though.  Read More »

Some of the people of CoreCon helped a while back with the birth of Anime Fargo . CoreCon is proud to announce she is running on her own and is going to be three years old in September. Their theme this year is “Kawaii Invasion” which is a type of cuteness factor in Japan which really fits turning three. An entire convention devoted to Anime is just what Fargo needed.

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In an experiment to determine if certain species have a natural or nurtured dislike for each other, many separate groups were brought together for four days in 2016 and were observed by scientists. The results were astounding. Read More »

Fansuites have always been a go to place for most attendees of CoreCon. The games, movies, activities, challenges, and party vibes are a great time for all. A huge thank you goes out to the people who host a room. Read More »

So wrongWhen I first heard of CoreCon IX’s theme “Monster’s and Mechs” I envisioned Danny Trejo using a machete against some werewolves and wondering if this was racist or not. I guess it was Mechs as in short for Mechanical, oops. Now I have that sorted out our project team is going to have fun with this one. Read More »

13419232_10208119511419111_3998293221519119834_n copyCoreCon is a non profit and likes to help our local community. At CoreCon VIII: On Ancient Seas we raised $1600.00 to help Nokomis Child Care Centers which is a part of The Village Family Services. How did we do that? Selling Pirate ships of course. Read More »