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CoreCon the Picnic

Why you should go to CoreCon.

DSC_0168You can conquer your video games at home, read comics in your bedroom, game at the kitchen table, and watch movies in the living room. Let’s face it, if someone would bring you food you would never have to leave the house. Our convention is so much more than just doing those things though. 

One of the goals CoreCon strives for at every convention is to let you be yourself (unless you are a bully). We discourage bullying and want people to feel safe and comfortable. In the regular world if you bring up ideas on who Snokes is, talk about Quidditch, a cursed d20 and the latest campaign most people will just give you a blank stare. CoreCon wants people to feel safe and relaxed so that you can  bring up subjects and not feel ashamed to talk about your interests. No, not everyone will have the same interests as your movie, comics, or games, but they shouldn’t treat you like you are from another planet because, like you, they have their own interests too. Ah, but the magical moment when  you find that other someone who wants to talk FireFly, or Pokemon with you, wow, that’s when you really appreciate going to CoreCon.

If you are one of the people who have never been to a convention before because you see photos of the super fans who are passionate about their genre and you feel that you aren’t qualified to go, then you are missing out. You don’t have to memorize every Star Wars movie (4 through 7) and quote “Doctor Who” while slamming Moffatt to have a great time at CoreCon. There are many people who “kinda sorta” like something that will attend because they like to be surrounded by people with similar interests. If you want to learn more about your interest you will find many experts. If just enjoying something without analyzing everything is your cup of tea you will find fans like that too.

Many people who attend conventions are going because a friend suggested attending. The nice thing about CoreCon is you don’t even have to have a friend already going to have fun. Being in the Midwest most people are already friendly and sharing a similar interest with someone means you are friends right off the bat. They might not be close friends right away and loan you $20.00 but they will certainly want to talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe or DC Comics with you. When you get to the convention, attend the panels that interest you, and BAM! you just found like minded people.

Go to CoreCon and be a friend. Share your thoughts with others. Then look for your friends at CoreCon. That’s when the fun begins because you may not even know what they look like… yet.

Register CoreCon IX: Monsters vs. Mechs Baymont Inn & Suites June 8-11th 2017.


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