CoreCon is growing!

CoreCon began with roughly 100 supporters. After almost ten years, we have more than 1,000 regular attendees! With this growth in fan base, we outgrew our old hotel and needed a new place to continue to provide everything the congoers love and expect. The Holiday Inn of Fargo will be the new location for CoreCon X as it has almost double the convention space.

We have cherished our time at the Baymont Inn and Suites (now the Ramada). The staff hold a special place in our hearts, and we have no hard feelings towards them or vice versa. Without the Baymont, we wouldn’t have been able to develop so many great memories and camaraderie. The move is bittersweet but necessary.


At over 27,000 square feet, the Holiday Inn convention space is giant in comparison to the Baymont’s 15,000. This new space can fit all of CoreCon, including things we had to put into various hotel rooms in the past, such as Kids CONnection and Ops. We will have more room to grow. The increased space also comes with increased air conditioning which should be more comfortable for everyone.

One of the biggest changes with the new space is the change of dates. The next CoreCon will take place over Memorial Weekend (May 24th through May 27th). This will be great for some as it allows for a three-day weekend to help with all the events at our four-day con! Unfortunately, it will be worse for others, and we regret that. Ultimately, we hope that this will work out for you. By changing hotels, we had to accept the available dates provided by the Holiday Inn, and we are working with what we have.

We hope you will come to CoreCon X at the Holiday Inn of Fargo to rub elbows with your fellow geeks, nerds, gamers, cosplayers, movie buffs and a whole bunch more! You won’t be physically rubbing elbows anymore though because of the increased space…

The Holiday Inn is just down the road from our last place. Click here for directions.

Register NOW before the rates increase.


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