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CoreCon Kids CONnection

Kid's CONnection
Doctor Who and Companion

Kids can be nerds and geeks, too! That’s why CoreCon has activities for everybody!

When he was three, one CoreCon regular called Darth Vader “Doo Doo.” When asked why, he said, “You know, Doo Doo DO, Doo DO Doo, Do Doo DO.” Those are the types of kids we want to have a safe and nerdy environment for. Free of teasing and bullying, we strive for everyone at our convention to have a good time.

Kid's CONnection Box Car Derby
Kid’s CONnection Box Car Derby
Kid's CONnection Room
Kid’s CONnection Room


Many families plan their family vacation time for CoreCon. The kids will have so much to do including swimming, e-gaming, crafts and Kid’s CONnection. Sign up for a Hotel room soon because we book up early. Get a babysitter so the adults can enjoy the late night Fan-suites and “CoreCon After Dark” programming.

Kamikaze Snowmen Crafting
Kamikaze Snowmen Crafting

With a themed kids parade marching through the convention and activities like crafts, costuming and prop making to encourage young creative minds, who wouldn’t want to bring their whole family? There are always interactive events, challenges for kids, or simply places to sit and relax. Treats and beverages are always available, too, in the Kid’s CONnection room near the Fan Suites. If you are a kid, bring your adult with you to CoreCon IX: Monsters vs. Mechs at the Baymont Inn and Suites of Fargo on June 8-11th because they will have as much fun as you will!

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